The 6 Best 30 Gallon Fish Tanks of 2023 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Fish tanks are a sight for the sore eyes! If you are stressed or weary, take a few minutes out to gaze at the flickers and wobbles of the little fishtails, and your heart will fill with joy!

Fish tanks leave a special form of lullaby and hypnotic effect on children’s minds, so parents could calm crying children down by placing them in front of one.

Fish tanks are available in varieties of shapes, material-build, and sizes. For beginners, nano and mid-sized tanks are the most suitable. 30 gallon tanks are suitable mid-sized tanks for beginners and enthusiasts. So what are the best 30 gallon fish tanks?

Several brand manufactures are available in the market for you to choose from. Pay attention to the material the fish tank is made of—is it glass or acrylic? Be it glass or acrylic, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Also, plan the position you want to set-up your 30 gallon fish tank in. Consider the weight of the fish tank and the fixtures that are included in the package.

This article will walk you through some of the best 30 gallon fish tanks that are available for your pick, along with a buying guide that will assist you to make a well-informed purchase decision. Let’s not wait any longer and splash right in!

Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews


1. Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium – Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank

Fish Tanks are small, contained ecosystems of fish, plants, and other organisms from the arthropod and annelid family. There are different sizes of fish tanks available, much to the pleasure of aquarium lovers. They could range from 20 to 50 gallons000 and are a source of wonder and amusement.

Available in various capacities, ranging from 15 to 50 gallons, fish tanks by SeaClear are perfect for nurturing the adorable aquatic creatures of all shapes and sizes.

The name itself is self-explanatory—with the exterior made of acrylic material which is more transparent than glass, taking a look at your beautiful, heart-warming fish companions would be easier than ever before.

Acrylic is also known to be 17 times stronger than glass, thus being more impact-resistant. Not only this, acrylic is half the weight of glass! Light-weight shipments are less costly and damage of any kind is prevented.

Glass chips and cracks over time, but acrylic is more resistant to wear-and-tear, thus they are safer for households.

SeaClear package is a combo offer and contains a reflector and 24” light fixtures. This saves you the trouble of having to make multiple trips to the pet stores for different equipment.

SeaClear fish tanks come equipped with a three-stage filtration mechanism that keeps water hygienic and oxygenated for a long time, saving you the trouble of needing to change the water and clean the tank frequently.

An effective filtration mechanism also makes sure that excess food particles and harsh chemicals undergo nitrogen cycles and get converted to harmless compounds. This keeps your tank free from infestations by algae, snails and worms.

And, not to mention, the 24” light fixtures that come with the combo pack, are great at illuminating the interiors of the fish tank.

Your kids will love to watch what’s going on inside the tank after they come from school or before they go to sleep—watching fish moving around in an aquarium is a pleasure-filled relaxation technique that will relieve you and your family off stress.

SeaClear fish tanks are friendly to both salt and freshwater fish so that you can house a wide variety of exotic fish and other organisms. SeaClear Aquariums are stain-resistant therefore you will be able to enjoy a wondrous view inside the aquarium for years!

SeaClear products, backed by the founder Tim McAfee, have an amazing reputation and have been producing high-quality products consistently. The company believes that marine life and their preservation is precious, and dedicates a lot of hard work at manufacturing the fish tanks.

Each and every fish tank is treated with individual care where fish can live in a healthy condition for a significant period of time. These 30-gallon spacious fish-tanks will be a source of immense pleasure for your kids and guests alike.

Product features:

  • Product dimensions 36” x12”x16”, lightweight-weighs 20 pounds only
  • Made of acrylic—high impact-resistance, anti-chipping and anti-cracking
  • Superior stain-resistance, more clarity than glass structure
  • High capacity—15-50 gallons, combo offer-includes reflector and 24” lights
  • Can hold both sea and fresh-water, and can house a variety of exotic fish

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2. Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium – Best 30 Gallon LED Fish Tank

The ornamental decorations and the glittery body of fish inside the aquarium look even more mesmerizing under colorful lightings.  Lightings are quite important to an underwater ecosystem, but excessive and long exposures could be equally harmful. Too little to too much illumination could lead to infestations.

Biocube Aquarium by Coralife is one all-inclusive aquarium that comes with nature-loving LED lighting fixtures. The LEDs are vibrant and color-enhancing, thus illuminating the insides of the aquarium sufficiently so that you can keep an eye on the health and upkeep of your fish tank all the time.

The LEDs inside Biocube Aquarium are bright white, sparkling blue and color-enhancing Beautymax lights that mimic the lightings of nature. The white LED lights are for daytime, sparkling blue moonlight glows at night, and the color-enhancing ones are to maximize the beauty of the overall aquarium set-up.

The soft glow of these LED lights helps to maintain the circadian rhythms of your fish because a consistent sleep-wake cycle is as important for the fish as it is for humans.

The timers are set to 30-min intervals of sunrise and sunset, and 60-min of moonrise and moonset and Coralife aquariums also come with a 24-hour timer, which is paramount for any fish tank with light fixtures.

As an aquarist, you might already know, that 24/7 illumination is unnecessary and harmful to the aquatic lives. Fish may become stressed after months of continuous exposure to sunlight or any other form of light, and tanks may show signs of algae infestations.

So why not fix the number of hours of illumination and darkness in your tank? Timers will help you to do just that. You can fix the time or hours of brightness and dimness that you desire, and this gadget will take care of it for you.

Say if you fix the time at 6 hours interval, then lights will automatically switch off after every six hours, thus maintaining a balance of light and darkness in your fish tank.

The Coralife aquarium has a contemporary hood fixture with a hinge-top canopy design. It also has a built-in customizable and compact filtration system with a back-panel for refugium light set up that has basketed media.

The pump system is submersible and comes with a return nozzle, and is very quiet and easy to install. Another amazing feature of Coralife aquariums is that they are small, use up less power, and are light-weight. The exterior is super-clear, anti-smudge, therefore, is great for setting up coral-reef tanks.

Product features:

  • Extremely clear view, three-color soft-glow LED fixtures, highly spacious
  • 24-hour timer, hinge-top canopy design, submersible pump, dual intake
  • In-built customizable filtration set up, easy to install, back-panel refugium
  • Product dimension-20.2” x21.9”x21.5”, shipping weight 56 lbs

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3. R&J Enterprises Acrylic Aquarium Kit-30 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

Filters are paramount to the management of contained aquatic ecosystems, such as aquariums.  Not only do they aerate the water and prevent infestations of algae, worms and snails, but they are also a home to useful bacteria. Good bacteria carry out nitrogen cycles and break down harmful ammonium compounds to nitrates.
R&J aquariums are all-in-ones and come with a highly functional in-built filtration system—a major concern for most aquarists while making a purchase decision that R&J fish tanks will take care of.

These fish tanks by R&J are suitable for both salt and freshwater fish therefore you can bring in and house a plethora of beautiful fish—imagine Captive-Breds, Nanos, Anthias, and then Cyclids, Barbs and Angelfish!

With these fish tanks, you will be getting 364 gallons per hour (GPH) pumps, LED lights, bio balls and filter sponges which will save a whole lot of trouble of going to the pet shops again and again for different aquarium maintenance and repair.

They are acrylic-made but have a super-clear exterior that will compel you to gaze through and devour the wondrous aquatic environment inside.

Product features:

  • High-quality and robust acrylic construction, in-built filter
  • Product dimension-28.5” x14.2”x16.0”, weighs only 39 lbs
  • Best for both freshwater and saltwater fish, super clear acrylic exterior
  • 364 GPH pump, LED lights, bio balls and filter sponges

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4. Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit – Best 30 Gallon Aquariums

Sunlight penetrating an aquarium is an important aspect in mimicking a natural habitat for the fish and other organisms living inside it. Consider a fish tank with a hood and transparent glass-like frame which facilitates light penetrability.

Sunlight helps the marine plants in doing photosynthesis and keeps the circadian rhythm of the fish well-balanced. Too long of sunlight exposure, however, is not healthy for an aquatic habitat.

Aqua Culture’s gigantic aquariums come with abundant LED lighting that will give your aquarium creatures just the perfect amount of light they need—neither too much, nor too little.

When the LED lights are on, the illumination intensity makes the aquarium quite eye-catching. In fact, the fish tank looks so pretty that you can place the aquarium on one end of your living room for decoration purposes.

Not only that but this aquarium by Aqua Culture comes with a low-profile hood that allows sunlight to penetrate and LED lights to shimmer through, to create a dappled effect that mimics the light intensity of nature.

This fish tank by Aqua Culture is made of shatter-resistant glass that can withstand multiple bumps with ease. It is ideal for homes where there are kids and pets goofing around—even if your kid kicks a football at it, it will not break.

Now let’s talk about the filter—the mechanism your fish tank will not be able to survive without. This aquarium kit includes 3-stage Tetra filter that generates powerful but quiet filtration, keeping the water well-aerated and clean always, thus reducing your burden of having to change fish tank water frequently.

The aquarium kit also contains a 100W tetra heater. The 3-stage filtration process includes mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which ensures that your tank upkeep is A-grade.

And guess what? Changing filter cartridges had never been so easy—no need to remove the hood as the hinges around the hood will allow you to feed the fish and replace old cartridges in a jiffy!

Aqua Culture fish tanks are some of the best that are available in the market, and if you are looking for a spacious tank, with a clear view, good illumination and an effective filter mechanism, you should go and grab it.

Product features:

  • LED lightings produce a shimmering natural light effect
  • Low-profile hood system, allows light to penetrate
  • Product dimension-31.25” x19”x12.5”
  • 3-stage Tetra filter—mechanical, chemical and biological filtration

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5. Marineland Biowheel Best 29-30 Gallon Fish Tanks And Aquarium Kits

Some fish tanks come with all the necessary perks. They have modernized, sunlight-penetrable hoods, LED lights, filters, fish food, what not! All-in-one fish tanks are any aquarist’s dream come true. Always remember to wash all ornamental inputs thoroughly though, with old fish tank water, before placement.

Aquarium kits by Marineland are your much sought-after all-in-ones which will offer you with modern hooding systems, LED lighting fixtures, and a filter cartridge system. The hoods have been redesigned to give the aquarium such a chic appearance that they render hoods of other fish tanks obsolete.

They are hinged so can be opened and closed quite conveniently, thus providing easy access for feeding and replacement of filter cartridge, and also, not to mention, to take a closer look at your little water buddies.

The hoods also provide a transparent window that protects the LED lightings from getting damaged from water splashes from the fish tank. The LED lighting fixtures can be integrated securely into position even when the hood of the fish tank is open.

The LED lights, with 3-position switches-on, blue and off, glow with a shimmer that resembles the natural glow of sunlight underwater, thus creating a close-to-natural feel for the aquatic creatures. The LED lightings are also more energy-efficient than bulbs—they are low voltage and consume only 60 MW of power.

This fish tank by Marineland also comes equipped with submersible water-pumps, 200W submersible water heaters, fishnets, thermometer, food and water samples and “how-to-set-up” manuals. What more can an aquarium-keeper wish for!

The filters are special Penguin bio-wheel ones packed with perfectly-sized Rite-Size filter cartridges so that you do not have to waste time looking for the right one in the pet shops.

Bio-wheel filters have powerful biological filtration mechanisms that help nurture the growth of useful bacteria thus ensuring that nitrogen cycles are completed, and all toxic chemicals are converted to harmless ones.

These bio-wheel filters have anti-clogging mechanisms therefore you would need to take them out frequently to unclog or clean them.  The Rite-Size filter cartridges also mechanically screen away from dirt and chemically remove toxic waste.

What else do the tanks contain? The aquarium is made of glass and has superior impact-resistance. They come with a heater, fish food and net, thermometer and water conditioner.

Product features:

  • All-in-one aquariums, hinged hooding systems, LED lighting fixtures
  • Penguin filter cartridge system, with Rite Size branded cartridges
  • The LED lights are energy-saving, submersible water pump and heater
  • Product dimension-32” x14”x20.1”, weighs only 1.0 lbs

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6. Fluval Glass Aquarium Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank With Stand

Certain brands of fish tanks come with cleaning mechanisms that are particularly useful for large tank maintenance. An effective cleaning mechanism keeps infestations at bay, thus maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Fluval aquariums are one glass-made aquarium to set your eyes on—they are gorgeous with espresso trims. Aquarists know by heart the hassle involved in maintaining a fish tank—observing the movements of the fish inside the water is one thing, cleaning the tank and changing the water is another.

But Fluval aquariums are much easier to clean and maintain! Installation of the Fluval fish tank can be completed in less than 60 minutes, thanks to SIMPLETEC technology. SIMPLETEC technology is a one-touch technology for easy aquarium maintenance.

After you purchase a Fluval fish tank, the long cumbersome process of water change and filter cleaning would be a thing of the past. Fluval promises less work and more amusement with their aquarium kit by the 2-2-2-1-1 process which is described as follows:

  • Remove two buckets of water by pushing the lever (2)
  • Replace with two buckets of fresh water (2)
  • Treat the water in two different ways: Use a conditioner and a biological enhancer (2)
  • Replace one cartridge once in every month (1, 1)

If you remember this process of water change by heart, you will be able to save abundant time for yourself, because let’s face it, a water change is a laborious process.

The aquarium comes equipped with LED light fixtures which create close-to-nature lighting in the water that helps maintain the sleep-wake cycle of the aquarium creatures.

The filter comes with filter cartridges and a 150W heater, for a 3-stage filtration process. This all-in-one aquarium kit comes with almost every little gadget you need to set up a beautiful home for your fish—lights, filter, cartridge, submersible heater, enhancer, conditioner and water collection bucket.

This aquarium kit by Fluval is literally therapy for all aquarists. The story does not end here! Fluval aquariums come with specially made Fluval cabinets or stands as well. The cabinets have customized cut-outs at the back-panel to fit the Fluval water drainage facility.

The cabinet is espresso-colored, chicly finished, with two swing-doors, chrome-furnished handles, two shelves and large storage space.

Product features

  • Glass aquarium using SIMPLETEC technology for easy water changes
  • LED light fixtures, 150W heater, 3-stage filtration process
  • Also includes: enhancer, conditioner and water collection bucket
  • Contains a cabinet, Product dimension-36.8” x20”x27”, weighs 71.5 lbs

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Buying Guide For Best 30 Gallon Fish Tanks

An aquarium is a sanctuary for your pet fish, therefore it is of utmost importance that you choose one which comes with the right fixtures to give your pet comfort.

The first two things you should be looking for are its lighting fixtures and filter mechanism—these two go hand-in-hand in keeping your fish tank clean and healthy.

And of course, ask your pet store-keeper the source of water in his store fish tanks and aqua-terrariums, so as to detect any possibility of worm or snail infestation.

A well-informed decision is a wise one because once you have bought a fish-tank as large as a 30-gallon one, and end up not liking it, returning it would be a cumbersome process.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing a 30-gallon fish tank.

1. Placement, Weight And Lighting

If the tank is a small one, you would not have to battle for space. Just keep it in one corner of the living room or dining space, and it looks awesome. Problems arise with large fish tanks, such as the ones as big as 30-gallons.

Aquariums are usually rectangular cases, seldom square or trapeziums. In case of the usual rectangular ones, you might like to place them in a corner, with some empty space left behind that could house the filter and wirings. Or you could place them parallel against the wall, in which case, it would take up sufficient space.

Therefore, before buying a 30-gallon fish tank, think about the exact location where you could place the large fish tank, and also analyze whether the fish tank would look chic when placed there. Take others’ opinions if you have to, but do not get compelled to purchase a big tank and then regret your decision.

Another factor you can take into consideration is the weight of the fish tank. A 30-gallon fish tank may weigh anywhere between 20 and 80 lbs, but it also depends upon the material the exterior is made up with.

Aquariums made of glass with metallic frames might be quite heavy. If you are looking to ship the product from another country, for example, you should better consider an acrylic-made product.

Though highly impact-resistant glass aquariums are available these days, acrylic is unbreakable and weighs half as much as glass products. Less weight means your shipping charges would fall dramatically low as well.

Also, consider the lighting fixtures that come with the fish tank or the ones you would be purchasing separately for your tank. LED or fluorescent lights that come in the package of the product, do not require that much of a hassle to set up since they are already compatible with the fish tank.

Problems arise when you are willing to customize and purchase lightings not enclosed in the package. Check the hood or the cover of the aquarium and ask does it give you enough independence and convenience to fix the lightings.

Do the hoods have transparent windows through which light would be able to penetrate the aquarium? Also pay attention to the mechanisms that would hoist, clip or hold the lights up, in different angles, to create that ambiance you are aiming for.

2. Size

There are 30-gallon tanks and 30-gallon breeder tanks that might slightly vary in size. 30-gallon aquariums are usually within the dimensions of 36¼” x 125/8” x 163/4”, whereas 30-gallon breeder tanks are within 363/16” x 18¼” x 1215/16”.

30-gallon tanks could best be described as mid-sized tanks since they are larger than nano tanks and smaller than giant tanks. As such, they are easier to clean than the larger tanks.

Water change is faster, filtration is easier, and possibilities of algae, worm or snail infestations are much lower. Therefore, going for a 30-gallon fish tank, is a wise decision, especially for beginners who have some practice at maintaining fish tanks.

3. Material

As mentioned earlier, depending upon the environment of your house and where you are shipping the product from, among other factors, choose the aquarium that is best for you.

One of the most important features in the best 30 gallon fish tanks would be the material they are made up of. Two good options are available for you—glass and acrylic. Let’s look at each separately.

Glass: In traditional fish tanks, the exterior is usually made of glass. Glass tanks are scratch-resistant, a much-sought-after feature of this material. Look around where you want to place your glass aquarium. Even if there are steel or metallic objects nearby, or things with sharp edges, you can be assured that they would not be able to leave any scratch on your glassy, shimmery aquarium.

Also, glass fish tanks have rigid panels, meaning they are more durable. Glass is also super-transparent, a most-wanted feature when you want to have a clearer look at the happenings inside the tank, or want the tank to be a source of pleasure for your friends and family.

Additionally, glass does not accumulate stain over time and is easier to clean. Also, glass is non-porous, meaning they do not leak and unwanted things cannot get inside the tank. They are quite cheap as well.


Acrylic: These days, acrylic is a reliable alternative option, if the glass product is not to your liking. If you want your fish tank to survive rough man-handling during shipments, and remain in one piece when it reaches your doorstep, you can consider the acrylic option.

Acrylic construction also makes the aquarium more-lightweight, therefore much easier to move around, and is not that highly dependent on a stand or a cabinet.

Cabinets are quite useful nevertheless since they offer storage space for fish tank materials, like gravel and fish food, but acrylic tanks, being light in weight, can be placed on simply any stand. They do not require a specially designed stand to go with it.

Another benefit is that acrylic-aquariums could also exist in a variety of shapes—not just the regular rectangular version. Acrylic aqua-terrariums could exist in cylindrical, round, and hexagonal shapes!

Also, as previously mentioned, the properties of acrylic make it 17 times more impact-resistant than glass.


1. How do you set up a 30 gallon fish tank?

Ans: At first clean, the fish tank thoroughly, because you never know its surface might be carrying unsightly algae and worm eggs. Then you should consider its placement or positioning.

If you have some experience taking care of fish and aquariums, then you might already have a separate place where you keep all your fish tanks. But if you are planning to keep the fish tank in a place where everybody could see and enjoy the view it has to offer, then consider a clean and dry corner or wall, and make sure the spot is away from windows, and wirings or plugs.

Then add the gravel, water and filter, and see if everything functions properly. Wash all decorations and plants with old tank water before adding them into the new tank. After decoration, run a complete nitrogen cycle with or without the fish in it.

2. How to maintain a 30gallon fish tank?

Ans: With nano-tanks and larger tanks, there is a higher possibility of algae or worm infestations, since water gets dirty quicker, though it depends on how rigorously you maintain your fish tank.

Mid-sized tanks like the 30-gallon ones, do not require such regular upkeeps and can clean themselves pretty well. 30-gallon tanks usually come with the 3-stage filtration mechanism with cartridges included in the package.

This 3-stage filtration—mechanical, chemical and biological filtering, ensures your tanks stay clean and healthy.

Remember to not feed too much and too frequently, and before adding any decoration, wash them first in old-tank water. Do not wash anything with chlorine, tap water or detergents.

3. What is a brackish fish tank?

Ans: Fish tanks that have both fresh and salty sea-water in combination are called brackish fish tanks. These tanks support special categories of fish—like puffers, for example. Water change and tank maintenance is super cumbersome, so these types of tanks are better left to the specialists.


Final Word

If you are thinking of purchasing a bigger fish tank to shift your fish to a bigger house, no need to look any further. If you are well-experienced, you can go for large, super-nova fish tanks, but the scenario is slightly different for enthusiasts or beginners.

Mid-sized tanks are great for beginners, who have only a few months or a few years of fish-keeping experience. 30-gallon tanks are perfect mid-sized fish tanks. So what are the features you should look for in the best 30 gallon fish tank?

Consider the size and weight first. Are they too big to fit the corner you have chosen in your house to place the 30-gallon tank in? Whichever corner you have chosen, leave some space free at the back to the house the filter, because filters are essential for healthy upkeep of mid-sized tanks.

Glass and acrylic builds are available. Glass is a tad heavier than acrylic versions. But glass is also more stain-resistant and clearer than acrylic constructions.

Manufacturers today have made available myriads of options for the consumers to choose from. Some of the best ones include SeaClear, Fluval, Marineland, Aqueon, R&J, Coralife and Aqua Culture fish tanks, to name a few.

Take a leap of faith and give your fish a bigger house to live in! The proper upkeep of your tank will help build a stronger bond between you and your fish buddies.

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