The 6 Best 40 Gallon Fish Tanks of 2023

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Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes, and to find the perfect fish tank isn’t that easy. Having an aquarium involves an awareness of others’ expectations to encourage aquatic life and keep up its regular living space. The market of an aquarium today offers a full scope of sizes for tanks as their new homes.

A standard fish tank can be a 40 gallon fish tank. It’s like a moderate sized tank that is suitable for common living spaces and offices, “not too big, not too small.” You can use a 40 gallon fish tank to easily create a natural aquatic ecosystem consisting of both plants and fishes. A 40 gallon tank can be utilized to reproduce and has the dimensions for keeping little and medium fishes. Hence, to make your search easier down below, I will be listing the best 40 gallon fish tanks and everything else that you need to know before buying the best 40 gallon fish tanks.

Types of 40 gallon fish tanks

40 gallon fish tanks can come in different shapes and sizes, and you need to find the perfect type since this will affect the health of your fishes and the natural diversity inside the aquarium.

Mostly 40 gallon fish tanks come in two different shapes, unlike smaller tank which comes in many various forms.

Panoramic Hexagon Fish Tank

A hexagon fish tank mixes well in many homes and is a beautiful fish tank that praises the magnificence inside that gives a more comprehensive and beautiful view. Be that as it may, most don’t suggest this sort of tank. It very well may be hindered as they have less surface territory.

Notwithstanding, they are one of a kind to be put at home only if you are not going to keep too many fishes in them.

Traditional Rectangular Fish Tank

A rectangular fish tank is probably the most common type of fish tank for all sizes, and 40 gallon fish tanks are not different in this case. These tanks are simpler to clean and keep up. They additionally come in different materials, with a wide assortment of covers and structures to choose the one you like the most.

A rectangular fish tank is the most suitable fish tank for your fishes since they get a resemblance to their natural habitat. The corners are also rounded in most of the tanks for additional safety.

Some more shapes

 Even though most 40 gallon tanks come in two shapes, but there are also few less common shapes available:

  • Custom shaped tank
  • Bow-Front tank
  • Angled tank

Best 40 Gallon Fish Tanks Reviewed and Rated!

1. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set
  • Combo includes aquarium, reflector and electrical 24" light fixture
  • Acrylic aquariums are clearer than glass, 17 times stronger, and only half the weight!

 SeaClear is an old player in the aquarium industry, and they are renowned for their quality. The tank is made from heavy-duty acrylic, which is more durable than plastic and is very lightweight.

This tank can be used for both Seawater and saltwater. The combo set offers a reflector, 24 inch light fixture, so you do not need to buy anything additional. The tank is Impact-resistant as well as less prone to chipping.


SeaClear Acrylic tank has a 36 x 15 x 16 inches dimension with a weight of 29.2 pounds.


  • The tank is very lightweight.
  • The tank can be used for both saltwater and freshwater.
  • It comes with a light fixture as well as a resistor.
  • The tank is 17 stronger at 50% WEIGHT.
  • The material is less prone to chipping compared to glass.


  • It isn’t possible to remove the acrylic top.

Our thoughts on SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you are searching for a 40 gallon fish tank and isn’t ready to compromise with quality, SeaClear is the one to go for. The tank is made from strong Acrylic, which is durable. In case you got kids and other pets at home, SeaClear acrylic tank is more secure for your home. The quality is excellent if you compare it with the price you are going to pay for it. The SeaClear can also be an excellent choice for the hotter biological system since acrylic has a lot higher warmth maintenance than glass.

2. Vepotek 40 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank with Black Base

Vepotek 40-Gallon Acrylic Bowfront Aquarium Fish Tank
  • 40-Gallon capacity provides ample swimming space for many species of aquatic life
  • Constructed of high-strength acrylic which is 8x stronger and 50% lighter than glass - It can withstand pressure at a...

 Vepotek can be one of the best 40 gallons tanks out there for beginners, mainly due to the inclusion of all essential accessories to start your aquarium journey. Thus, undoubtedly this can be a great choice for beginners.

Like the previous aquariums, The boards in this aquarium are also made of high-quality acrylic, making it more grounded than glass aquariums. That additionally makes it lighter and simpler to move around the house.

Keeping up the neatness and wellbeing of your fish can be the most tedious piece of the excursion. That may not be the situation with Vepotek as it accompanies a total filtration framework, making you change less every now and again.


The tank has a dimension of 13 x 31.5 x 59 inches with a weight of 38 pounds.


  • The acrylic is of the highest quality.
  • The canopy and the base are very durable.
  • The bow-front design looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is straightforward to set up the aquarium.
  • The filtration system of the tank is very good.


  • You can only use the tank for freshwater.

Our thoughts on Vepotek 40-Gallon Acrylic Bowfront Aquarium Fish Tank

Suppose you are searching for a durable tank that looks good to the eyes and provides perfect functionality. Vepotek 40 gallon fish tank will make your life much easier with a complete filtration system. The bowed front makes this tank will look beautiful and flush in your home and office. This is not just a tank; this is a piece of art where you can build a diverse ecosystem inside. Additionally, you will also get all the mechanical components to start your aquarium journey.

3. Aqueon 40 gallon breeder tank

Aqueon Tank Breeder Black 36X18X16 40gal
  • Brand New Un-Opened

The Aqueon breeder tank is made out of glass, which is more scratch-proof than acrylic.  You can easily drill the glass panes to place lighting and filtration since they aren’t tempered and are very thick. It also comes with a black one-piece center braced frame in order to prevent the glass bowing.

The tank is incredibly adaptable, giving an extraordinary arrangement to reef, marine or freshwater situations or even as a dry tank for reptiles.


The tank has a dimension of 36 x 18 x 16 inches with a weight of 55.6 pounds.


  • The tank uses a diamond edge, which makes the tank more durable.
  • The tank comes with a center braced frame.
  • It can even be used to keep reptiles.
  • It uses an all-glass design, which is more transparent than acrylic.
  • You can open the top quickly.


  • Filters or other accessories don’t come included with the tank.

Our thoughts on Aqueon Tank Breeder Black 36X18X16 40gal

Aqueon breeder tank is a tank that is built for all uses, no matter if you keep fishes, reptiles, turtles, or whatever this tank will always look good. The glass is less prone to scratches, and the easy remove top will give you more access to your fishes. Even though it doesn’t come with lighting or filtration, this tank can be a great addition to your collection for fishes or other aquatic animals and even reptiles.

4. SeaClear Acrylic junior executive kit

SeaClear Acrylic junior executive kit
  • Kit Includes:
  • Hood and Fluorescent Fixture (24" Light Bulb not Included), Aqua Clear 50 Gallon Power Filter, Natural Lava Rock with...

 Yes, another SeaClear product in this review, well SeaClear makes many different models of a 40 gallon fish tanks, and this model The “SeaClear Acrylic Junior executive set” was worth mentioning.

This tank comes in the classic rectangular shape build with an excellent good quality acrylic. This tank is appropriate for even genuinely little spaces where it is hard to put other 40 gallon aquariums. It is incredibly flexible and suitable for the reef, marine, and freshwater arrangements and is a much-cherished most loved of aquarium owners.

This tank can be used for the saltwater, freshwater, reef, and it will come with many other useful items like fluorescent lighting, power filter, plastic plants, hood, net, fish food and water conditioner making this the ideal novice bundle.


SeaClear junior executive has a dimension of 36 x 15 x 16 inches with a weight of 20 pounds.


  • The aquarium is very easy to set up, so it can even be used by beginners.
  • The tank includes everything like power filter, hood, etc. everything that you will need to start the tank.
  • The color at the back of the aquarium is cobalt, which makes your fishes and decorations stand out.
  • It can be used for marine, freshwater, reefs, and even to keep reptiles.
  • Due to the compact size, it can easily fit in small spaces.


  • The filter is not of the quality that an experienced aquarist would use.

Our thoughts on SeaClear Acrylic junior executive kit

The SeaClear Acrylic junior executive kit is more like an all-rounder that gives full value for your money. The tank comes with everything you will need and hence is an excellent choice for beginners. Additionally, you can use the tank both for saltwater and freshwater arrangement. And when it comes to quality, SeaClear’s quality needs no new introduction. It will be hard to find an aquarist who hasn’t heard their name. They are known for their excellent quality,

5. Marineland 37gallon aquarium kit

Marineland Biowheel Aquarium Kit with LED Light, 37-Gallon
  • Bio-Wheel aquarium kit features a new updated hood and LED lighting
  • Features 3 position switch on, blue and off

 Well, this tank is not precisely 40 gallons; it is a bit smaller. Even though it is 37 gallons, Marineland fish tank doesn’t perform less than any of the best 40 gallon fish tanks. Hence, it was a mandatory inclusion in the list.

The tank comes with fluorescent lighting, which can be turned into different settings; you can either turn it on and off or just make it blue, which looks like a midnight vibe.

The Marineland tank also features a submersible heater to alter the water temperatures according to your requirement. A fishnet and a thermometer are likewise included with the unit.


The tank has a dimension of 32.2 x 24.7 x 14.3 inches with a weight of 2 pounds.


  • The setup of the tank is very easy.
  • You can change the light settings between white and blue according to your mood.
  • No assembly is needed.
  • You will get a submersible heater and a thermometer with the tank.
  • With the tank, you will get water and food care samples.


  • The lighting fixture can corrode over time.

Our thoughts on Marineland  Biowheel Aquarium Kit

Marineland 37 gallon aquarium kit is very easy to set up a tank with no initial assembly required. The tank comes with a heater and thermometer, which is obviously a huge plus point. This will worth each penny as it likewise gives you food and water care samples. Besides your basic aquarium information, specific aquarium settings and instruments are incorporated.

6. Seaclear System II Bowfront Acrylic tank 

SeaClear System II Acrylic Aquarium
  • SeaClear System ll Acrylic Aquarium offers a true wet/dry biological filtration system built into the back of the...
  • Filter includes chambers that accommodate biological, mechanical and chemical filter media as well as space for a heater...

Yes, another SeaClear in the list. The reason is simple, they have such a huge range of 40 gallon fish tanks, and many of them stand out from the rest and is worth mentioning in my list of best 40 gallon fish tanks.

Well, if you compare with breeder tanks, the tank is somewhat bigger due to the bow-front. This bowed front makes the tank more visible to the eyes and gives a crystal-clear view of the inside. The most exclusive feature is the invisible seams, so when you look at it, you will like you are just watching the fishes and nothing in between.

The SeaClear System II can be used for both freshwater and saltwater setups.


The SeaClear System II has a 36 x 15 x 16 inches dimension with a weight of 20 pounds.


  • You have the option to choose between two colors; black or cobalt blue.
  • The tank comes with a wet and dry biological filtration system.
  • You can even add an additional protein skimmer,
  • Invisible seams make the tank look aesthetically pleasing.
  • The hood has a 24 inches fluorescent fixture.


  • You need to buy the light bulb separately.

40 Gallon fish tank buying guide

Regardless of the fact which 40 gallon fish tank you choose for yourself, it is essential for you to know and understand how to buy a 40 gallon fish tank. Hence down below, I will be discussing the full buying guide that you need to know in order to choose the best 40 gallon fish tank.

There can be numerous reasons to opt for a 40 gallon fish tank, many aquarists often starts with a 40 gallon tank, but many starts from smaller tanks and eventually move on to 40 gallon fish tank. A 40 gallon tank is a standard size for a tank, not too small, not too big.

What to look for when buying the best 40-gallon fish tank


Controlling temperature inside a fish tank is a very important aspect since every living animal has a specific limit of temperature range where it can survive. In order to control the temperature inside the tank, you need the right heater.


A filter is a must to have in a tank since it is responsible for cleaning the water and give your fishes natural and healthy water. While choosing the perfect filter, you must look for a filter that is productively fit for sifting all the water in the tank around four times each hour. You also need to understand the requirements and flow that is suitable for your fishes inside the tank.

A good filter is needed to make sure that your water inside the tank stays fresh and your fishes get pure and healthy water. So, while buying a fish tank, try to go for a tank that comes with filter. However, if your tank doesn’t offer a filter, you can always buy them separately.


 Day and night cycles are likewise significant for the natural habitat of the fish. This will influence their own homeostatic capacities and will keep them cheerful and sound. Plants will adore a sufficiently bright tank for photosynthesis. Be that as it may, an excess of light can likewise develop algae growth.

 Build material of the aquarium

As you may already know, an aquarium is basically made up of two types of materials; either glass or acrylic.

The majority of the aquariums use glass; glass is sturdy and will give a clear view of what’s happening inside your aquarium. They can be less expensive and contingent but are usually heavier to convey and move around. Glass can easily break due to immense pressure or force.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is lighter and less prone to breaking down. However, over long-term usage, the acrylic can get more scratches compared to glass and can even become blurry. They are additionally solid and are now and again more grounded than glass, contingent upon the quality.

Required Accessories for 40 Gallon fish tanks

It is not sufficient just to get a tank and start your aquarium; you need the correct equipment to make sure that the internal environment inside your aquarium is perfect for the fishes you are going to keep. Even though some of the 40 gallon tanks that I mentioned above comes with everything you will need, but it is important for you to know what accessories you will need, So, you can buy them additionally if needed. 

  • Heater
  • Filter
  • Lights
  • Aquarium Stand
  • Gravel Cleaners
  • Automated Feeders

Frequently Asked questions

Down below, we will look into some of the most frequently asked questions that you might have regarding 40 gallon fish tanks.

1. What is the average weight of a 40gallon fish tank?

 Answer: There is no fixed weight of a 40 gallon fish tank., generally acrylic tanks are lighter compared to the glass ones. But on average empty glass tanks have a weight from 55-59 lbs., and when filled with water, they can weigh between 455-458 lbs. But, do keep in mind that fishes, plants, and other accessories will make the tank heavier.

2. What is the largest fish that I can keep in my 40 gallon tank?

 Answer: A common large fish that can fit in a 40-gallon tank is the Pearl Gourami. They love vigorously planted tanks, and they love to stay peacefully. Pearl Gourami can grow up to 4-5 creeps in size. They can likewise have mates like Guppies and Danios inside.

3. How many fishes should I keep in 40 gallon fish tank?

Answer: Since this tank contains a huge amount of space, you will have the option of keeping the same or different types of many fishes.
I will give a few examples that you can see to have a more precise idea.

  • You can keep 20 zebrafish.
  • 20-30 guppies
  • 10 Cory Catfish
  • 15-20 Mollies
  • 2/3 goldfish depending on the kind

You can also create a community with a combination of different types of fishes, but do proper research before building a community since all fishes might not be compatible with other kinds.

Here is an example of a simple community

  • 1 Dwarf Gourami
  • 5 Zebrafish
  • 5 Guppies
  • 5 Neon Tetras.

How To Set Up a 40 Gallon Fish Tank:

Just buying a 40 gallon tank is not enough to keep fishes, so you need to follow few steps properly before starting and keeping your fishes.

Step 1: Setting up a tank and all the accessories

 At first, you need to set up your tank, which is a pretty simple process, but the exact method varies on the type of tank you got yourself. First, clean your tank and place the substrate In your tank, and this becomes the foundation for your whole aquarium.

Then simply add and install all the equipment using the guide that will usually come with the tank, or you can even search through the web for more information regarding your tanks setup.

Step 2: Tank Cycling

 Building up a decent water cycle from the earliest starting point is totally urgent to guarantee that your fish remain sound and plants become solid. Cycling your tank is a diagnostic procedure that will take around 1-2 months. During this procedure, a valuable bed of microbes will develop, which will assist with separating poisonous mixes, for example, smelling salts and nitrites into less destructive mixes like nitrates.

Step 3: Addition of fish

This is the last step of your aquarium setup. After you have done cycling, you can start to add fishes of your choice.

You don’t want to stress your fishes too much while you are adding them to their new home.  So, in order to make this addition smooth, you need to follow a few simple procedures.

Keep the bag containing the fish to skim in the aquarium for around 20-30 minutes, and afterward, add some water to the pack at regular intervals. When the pack is full, utilize a net to evacuate the fish and add them to the water.


A 40 gallon fish tank can be a standard choice both for beginners and experts. However, choosing the best 40 gallon fish tank can be quite stressful, so to help you from the stress this guide was prepared. This guide didn’t only focus on the best 40 gallon fish tanks but also included everything you need to know regarding these tanks, including their buying guide, setup procedure, and many more.

Possessing an aquarium involves liabilities. Past this, they can carry euphoria to you and your family. They are very easy to maintain and keep up and are sure to keep you and your visitors engaged with ease. The beautiful and enthusiastic vibe that they radiate is the thing that each upsetting and tedious day should anticipate.

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