The 9 Best 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tanks (2023 Reviews)

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Before you invest your time and money in fish keeping, there are certain things you need to understand. In this case, investing your time and money is betta fish keeping, you need to have a rooted knowledge of everything it entails. This is why we are taking our time to explain all there is to know about the betta and in this piece, we will be sharing with you some of the 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish. For beginners especially, when picking readymade tools, knowing the best one can be pretty difficult.

The 9 Best 5 Gallon Tanks For Betta Fish

1. Koller Products Panaview 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit.

Number one on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish is the Koller Panaview tank. Undoubtedly, the Koller Products Panaview 5-gallon tank is one of the easy-to-setup tanks.

Even though it seems relatively small, it gets the job done. One of the best things about the tank is its price. The tank is not only affordable, but it comes it some great features too. So, if you are looking to save some cash, there you have it; buy something functional while at it.

The tank is convenient – that means it is easy to install for you and it creates a great home for your betta. It comes with energy-efficient LED lights and a filter that can be installed comfortably.

It features one of those filters that have 3-stage filtration systems. The filter that comes with the tank has a powerful impeller.

The Pros.

  • The tank is affordable.
  • It comes with a 3-stage filtration system.
  • The Koller tank is made with durable plastic.
  • The tank is easy to setup.
  • It features a compact design.

The Cons.

  • If you don’t want noise, then this is not the tank for you.

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 2. Marineland Portrait Aquarium.

The first of such tanks on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish is the Marineland Portrait Aquarium. One of the things you look out for when buying goods on an eCommerce platform such as Amazon is the number of positive reviews that a particular product has been able to garner.

It has the highest number of positive reviews on Amazon. What this means is that it is one tank that you can safely invest your money in. It has an estimated rating of 4 stars from more than 900 buyers, that says a lot.

The only reason why it’s not topping the list is simply that it’s a high tank rather than a long one. Yes! we told you to always opt for length and not height, but the Marineland Portrait tank is an exception to such rules.

In a high tank, your betta will have a hard time swimming to the surface. However, this tank is useful if you plan to house some other tank mates with your betta. But in a 5 – gallon tank, doing such is not recommended.

The Pros.

  • Yes! we pointed out the fact that it isn’t the ideal shape for your tank pet, but on the positive side, it lets you decorate the betta’s home more stylishly. You can try out vertical decorations in this tank.
  • The Marineland’s compartment has a compartment designed in the back that lets you hide both filter and your heater. Hiding the water heater and filter is a good way to keep your betta tank clean.
  • Interestingly, the tank comes with a filter. This isn’t one of those ‘get a gift’ promo that gives low-quality gifts all in the name of giving gifts. By the way, this is not a gift, but it is just a kit that comes with the tank. The filter is quite silent. Also, you can adjust the pace of the current coming from the filter, making it comfortable for your betta.
  • It features an LED light that lets you clean your tank with ease. You can easily flip the light aside while you clean the entire tank. By the way, these LED lights come in daytime and nighttime mode which is pretty cool.

The Cons.

  • One of the downsides to this kind of tank is that it doesn’t come with a water heater. Getting a heater separately is the right thing to do.
  • As interesting as it is to have a separate compartment for a tank, it can be pretty frustrating when trying to clean it.

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3.The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit.

Being cheap or having different features aren’t necessarily the best things to look out for when buying a tank for your betta. Being efficient at housing the betta with ease and doing that effectively is one thing you hardly see in tanks.

The Fluval Spec V is one of those tanks that effectively houses your betta hassle-free. The tank comes with some great features nevertheless. No reason why it’s on our list of the 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish

LED lights are preinstalled in the tank. The tank also comes with a portable filter which lets you maintain the clean state of the water. One of the things you’ll like about this tank is its size.

It is one of those tanks that prove that length triumphs over height. It has a wide shape which means your betta will have more horizontal space to swim.
So, why is this tank on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish?

The Pros.

  • The Fluval Spec V comes with a separate compartment that lets you hide the heater and filter more compactly.
  • The tank is designed in such a way the upgrading or replacing its equipment can be done with ease which is quite rare. Most tanks don’t let you add an upgrade or replace the damaged equipment.
  • The tank comes with a portable and efficient filter and functional LED lights that add to the overall beauty when you have your betta in it.

The Cons.

  • On the downside, the filter preinstalled in it can be pretty powerful for some certain bettas. If this is the case with your betta, you should get a pre-filter sponge which lets you reduce the flowing current.
  • You will need to cover it with a lid to avoid water leakage. Being an open tank, the chances of the water evaporating is high, which is why you’ll need to get a lid or tank cover.

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4. Marina LED Aquarium Kit.

The Marina LED is not a portrait tank like the Marineland Tank, but being wide is enough reason to be on this list. With its wide space, you can add lots of plants and decorations to make your betta really feel at home.

The tank has a 5 – gallon space that is huge enough to house different plants, substrates, and other things you need to create an ecological home for your plant.

It comes with different items that make things easy for betta owners to start creating that betta life for their fish pet. The tank is great for starters due to its easy-to-use design and features. Speaking of coming with things to get betta owners started, you’ve got betta feed in its kit.

The tank also features a portable filter that does have the 3 stage filtrations (chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration). With this filter, you can easily get rid of debris, pollutants, odor, and the toxic ammonia in the tank.
This is why it’s one of the 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish out there:

The Pros.

  • One of the best things about this tank is size. It comes in three space options. Asides the 5-gallon, you can opt for the 10-gallon, and 20-gallon tank. Without a doubt, it is a large water tank.
  • It comes with the 3-way slim filter (Mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration).
  • It features different accessories.

The Cons.

  • On the downside, the tank is quite heavy.

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5. Fluval Edge 6-gallon Aquarium.

Another Fluval on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish is the Edge 6 Gallon Aquarium. Just as the name suggests, it is quite bigger than a 5-gallon tank. But we still had to add it to our list because it’s great capabilities.

It comes with some interesting kits. It has a stylish look that will add to the overall beauty of the betta’s home. What do we think about the Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium?

The Pros.

  • One of the things you’ll like about the 6-gallon tank is the filter. Even though it looks slightly big, it will be perfect in the tank, wicking out the dirt effectively. As long as the filter is on, you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Just because you have a filter in it doesn’t mean there is no extra space for gravels, decorations, plants, and of course, a media cartridge.
  • The tank is quite stylish, and will in every way redefine the look of any room it is kept in.
  • The LED light system also features the daytime and nighttime mode.

The Cons.

  • Speaking of some of the things that could be improved upon, the LED light is one of such. The light isn’t efficient to grow plants in the tank. That is why we recommend upgrading the light to the 42 LED light system which is way better.
  • It’s easy to say that the tank does the job effectively, being overly expensive will make you rethink on getting one at all.
  • The tank has a small opening which makes cleaning a little bit difficult.

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6. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium.

Another glass tank on our list is the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium. if you want to get into the fishkeeping industry, you need to always look out for every unique tool that will help your betta grow the way it needs to.

If that’s the case, the Penn Plax tank is a perfect choice. Unlike what you have with some other tanks, it has a unique look which makes it more interesting.

It comes with an aquarium kit including a filter (built-in), and an LED light. But what are the benefits of owning one of these tanks?

The Pros.

  • The big deal here is that the tank comes with a lid. Now, most tanks often come without a lid or any form cover. For this tank to come with a lid, it is pretty much a big deal. The lid helps to cover the tank top completely. Just as we’ve mentioned in the previous articles, we’ve shared with you, bettas are very active and tend to jump out from their tank if and when it’s not covered. With this tank, that’s one less thing to worry about (in our previous article, we also talked about the other ways to prevent your betta fish from jumping out).
  • The tank also comes with a mat that lets you place the tank on it, that way the furniture it’s standing on or close to it won’t be damaged.
  • It has a unique shape and overall styling which is great if you want to beautify both your home and that of your betta fish. if you want you to wish to opt for is a standard tank shape coupled with an extra then this is one tank you should get.
  • It comes with a filter that is very effective when it comes to making the water in the tank stay clean most of the time. And all of these for that price? It’s really worth it.

The Cons.

  • One of the downsides to this tank is the fact that it comes with lights that are not effective. This light doesn’t come with an on or off switch. This means that you have to move it aside if you want to open the tank top/lid. So, if you are going for this tank, then you should get a better light. This doesn’t take anything away from why it’s on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish.
  • One more thing, the filter it comes with is good. But in the long run, you should invest in a better filter. The filter it comes with does provide mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration; it’s still definitely going to be a good idea if you invest ins something much better. It doesn’t have to do the 3-way filtration.

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7.Carolina Biological Supply Company Aquarium Tank.

Rarely, you can make do without a filter and your betta fish could still survive. Why? Because your aquarium plays a major role. If you have a good tank, then you are halfway there.

In simple terms, if you know you can get the other tools such as the heater and filter on by yourself, then your best bet is to go for the Carolina Biological Supply tank. If you wish to go back to the basics, the Carolina tank will be a good choice.

This is one tank made of triple-strength glass and protected by silicone rubber. With these materials, the tank can hold water without breaking. Also, the glass is thick enough to accommodate the heater and filter too.

The only downside to this tank is that it doesn’t come with its unique kit. Don’t expect to see a filter or a heater when you get one of these tanks. But as we’ve mentioned, you can get the other tools on your own. Why is this tank on of the 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish?

The Pros.

  • The tank has a lifetime warranty.
  • The glass is simply triple – strength coupled with silicone rubber.
  • The durability is top-notch.
  • The tank is very affordable.
  • The Carolina tank is easy to clean and maintain.

The Cons.

  • The only downside this tank has is the fact that it doesn’t come with a filter.

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8. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit.

Next on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish is the Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit. This is one of Amazon’s choice. The tank filter and energy-efficient LED lights as well.

While the tank is very affordable, there are lots of downsides to this tank. The big but though is the fact that it’s one tank to get if your main aim is to save money.

Also, just because the tank has its downsides doesn’t necessarily mean that the pros still don’t outweigh the cons. So, what are the pros and cons of getting the Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit? They include:

The Pros.

  • The filter that comes with this tank is quiet. Whether or not you adjust the current or not, the filter always stays quiet.
  • Just because the filter is quiet doesn’t take anything away from its effectiveness. By the way, the filter is not strong. So, you don’t have to worry about your betta getting hurt. It’s easy and safe to use.
  • The tank comes with a lid which has two holes, one is designed for the heater, while the other hole is meant for the filer.
  • With this tank, fish keepers can grow plants that require a low level of light thanks to the LED that comes with the tank.

The Cons.

  • One of the downsides this tank has is the fact that users can’t adjust or modify the filter’s settings in any way. Adjusting the filter’s setting is very difficult. Why? The filter’s settings are located at the bottom, so to change the settings, you will have to remove the filter completely.
  • Unlike the most filters that are slim and portable, the filters that this tank comes with are quite bulky. Advisedly, you should get another filter if you want something better.
  • Asides getting a new filter, you will also need to get a sponge filter media to get biological filtration.

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9. Glofish Aquarium Tank Kit.

The last tank on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish is the Glofish Aquarium Tank Kit which is great for those who are looking for the perfect tank for newbies into the fishkeeping world. It’s a great tank for those how have developed a newfound hobby is this tank.

The Glofish Aquarium Tank Kit comes with LED lighting. One of the best things about this tank is that it is 5 – gallon tank which is one of the yardsticks of being on our list in the first place. As a newbie, the features are easy to control and modify.

Also, these features are very beneficial because now you won’t have to get the other things separately as you have with the Carolina tank. Aesthetically, the shape and entire design make it very appealing; it has a curved shape.

Asides the aesthetics, the lighting feature of the tank is top-notch and indeed very elegant. Speaking of lighting, the tank has 15 blue LED lights that add an extra touch to the overall beauty of the tank with or without the fish in it.

This lighting also provides the illumination with your betta needs in the night. To witness the beauty, all you have to do is to place it in a corner of your room or any darkroom at that. This adds to the overall appeal of the tank.

Still talking about the benefits of this tank; even though it’s a 5-gallon tank, its filtration system is one of the best out there. No wonder it’s on our list of 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish.

The filter is capable of wicking out both particles, harmful chemicals, and debris effectively. The filter works so well it keeps the water clean and odor-free every time.

Now, as a newbie in the fishkeeping world, the stress of changing the water frequently can be tiring and discouraging as well. That’s why opting for this tank coupled with the filter is indeed a great idea.

However, the downside is the fact that the LED lights installed in the tank start to destroy the plants inside the tank. Even though the fish thrive in the Glofish tank, the same thing cannot be said about the plants in the tank. So, in short, what are the pros and cons of this tank?

The Pros.

  • The Glofish tank kit has 15 blue LED bulbs for proper and effective lighting.
  • The tank comes with 3-stage filtration systems.

The Cons.

  • Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, plants in this tank will have a hard time growing. Within two to three weeks, the plants in the tank start the flake, which could be counterproductive in the long run.

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There you go. These are the best 5 – gallon tanks you can find out there including on Amazon. Remember, for these tanks to work effectively, you have to follow the ‘5-gallon tank size for 1 betta fish’ rule. Once this rule is adhered to, then you will be able to fully optimize the tank.

The FAQs.

What do I look out for when buying a 5-gallon tank?

Remember, these are just some of the best tanks out there. There are lots more which we aren’t able to add to this list. So, if you are not going to be getting any of the tanks we’ve mentioned or want to know why we’ve gone with these tanks, here are the things that make a good tank ‘thick’.

–         Durability.

Just like any other product out there that isn’t necessarily a fish tank, durability is key. In this case, when buying an aquarium kit, you need to look out for the durability, because this will define how much you’ll be able to save off from maintenance down the line. Good tanks can withstand the pressure exerted upon it by water daily. If the glass is frail, then there is a high probability that the glass will crack.

Other things to look out for include

–          Easy to set up.
–          Maintenance level.
–          Styling and other aesthetics.
–          The aquarium kits; and lastly
–          The price of the tank.

Why is it called a 5 – Gallon Tank?

For those who don’t know what a 5-Gallon tank is, it is the perfect entry-level tank. Meaning, its compact but yet functional size is the basic tank size. It is called a 5-gallon tank obviously because it’s able to hold 5 – gallons of water. A 5-gallon tank is what you need to create a conducive environment for your betta fish.

What are the most trusted and reliable 5-gallon aquarium tanks out there?

There are lots of brands out there today, but some have been able to keep a strong, reliable, and appealing name down the line. These brands are:

  • Tetra
  • Marina
  • Marineland
  • Fluval
  • Glofish
  • Koller Products.
  • Penn Plax.

Without a doubt, these are the tested and most trusted brands when it comes to aquariums. If you get tanks made by these companies, then you have nothing to worry about.

How many betta fish can I put in my 5-gallon tank?

Reiteratively, the best thing to do to get the best from not just your betta fish but from the tank itself, you need to stick to a 5-gallon tank for one betta fish.

How big is a 5-gallon tank?

Mostly, all 5-gallon tank has the same length and width. For it to be in the ‘5-gallon tank’ category, its length has to be in the range of 16 – 18 inches, the width would be something between 5 – 8 inches, the height has to be 10 inches.

But innovations have seen many tank manufacturing companies come up with cube-like tanks. We also have the vertical ones which are narrow but tall. So, there you have it, a complete piece on the 9 best 5-gallon tanks for betta fish.

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