The 6 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tanks (2023 Reviews and Buying Guide)

A 55-gallon tank could be a gorgeous addition to your home or office. Decorate it with driftwood and greeneries, add a cave and a ship, place a few pirates and statuettes here and there— that tank will look awesome! So, what are some of the best 55 gallon fish tanks?

Manufacturers of fish tanks have made some gorgeous all-in-one 55-gallon aquarium kits available in the markets to choose from. They offer a large viewing panel, beautiful lighting fixtures, and a piece of equipment your 55 gallon fish tank cannot live without—an effective filter mechanism.

However, maintaining a fish tank as large as a 55 gallon one might prove to be a bit of a challenge for beginners and hobbyists. So, before you rush off to the market to purchase a kit for yourself, remember to look through the buying guide that we have arranged only for you.

This article will inform you about some marvelous 55-gallon aquariums that are waiting for you to grab them. It also offers some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain such gargantuan tanks, and the types of fish you should be keeping in these tanks. Without further ado, let’s splash right in!

Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews

1. Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon Fish Tank

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand (55 Gallon, Black)
  • Give your aquarium the attention it deserves. Display your fish tank on our durable metal aquarium stand.
  • Our State-of-the-art fish Tank stand has a powder-coated finish for added moisture resistance and is boasting a stunning...

Watching the fish swim by swaying their tails in aquariums is a pleasure for people of all ages. In fact, it is almost therapeutic. An aquarium with stain-resistant exteriors and sturdy panels are something which every aquarist desires.

Aquariums by Aquatic Fundamentals are one such creation. They are finely made and well-designed, promising longevity and aesthetic value.

Not only is it appealing to the eyes and enhances the splendor of your living room, but it is also highly functional. One of the first questions that fish-keepers ask before buying an aquarium is if the product comes with a filter, because filters are crucial as far as the health and hygiene of the aquatic creatures are concerned.

Yes, Aquatic Fundamentals, one of the household names among water-scape enthusiasts, comes fully equipped with an internal filter. The filter even comes with cut-outs that can house 3-stage cartridges. Even fish can be fed through these cut-outs with great ease.

This 55-gallon fish tank by Aquatic Fundamentals also has shimmering LED lights which add the jewel in the crown. Lights are paramount in maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle in the aquatic organisms, but excessive exposures are harmful.

LED lights emit a soft blue or white glow, which is not too bright, therefore presents an almost-natural looking environment for the fish. The fish tank, though big, is also easy to maintain and clean. Altogether it is an aquarist’s delight and a must-have.

Product Specifications

  • Offers high aesthetic value—can be placed anywhere to enhance décor
  • Filter runs on 1200W and has two suction cups
  • Comes with a 12gm of Tetramin container of tropical fish food
  • The package also has tap water treatment packs, fish net, gravel and pump
  • Comes with a hang-on-the-back power filter


  • Sturdy, beautiful and easy to maintain
  • Filter has in-built cut-outs for feeding and cartridges
  • Feeding fish is quite convenient, easy to clean and maintain
  • Has shimmering, soft-glow LED lights


  • The fish tank does not come with a thermometer

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2. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, Fish Food,...
  • LARGE ENVIRONMENT: Larger environments can house more fish or a greater variety of fish. Maintains water temperature....
  • KIT INCLUDES: one 55 gallon tank, EasyBalance Plus, TetraMin, AquaSafe, 6” fish net, 200W heater, WPF 60 Filter, Stick...

Aquarists who have years of experience maintaining fish tanks should challenge themselves and go for a larger fish tank, like a 55 gallon tank. Taking care of a large community of exotic salt or freshwater fish, along with varieties of plants and useful snails, is a very fulfilling hobby.

Consider owning a 55-gallon tank by Tetra—they have a crystal-clear appearance and would look gorgeous anywhere you place it. As these aquariums are large so they offer more opportunities for decorations, and more room for some foreign species of fish and plants.

These fish tanks by Tetra come equipped with compatible LED light fixtures as well that add a soft glow to the aquatic landscape. The brightness of the LED lightings is not excessive and mimics nature which is healthy for the underwater creatures.

The product comes with full step-by-step manuals for introducing gravel to the aquarium.  This particular fish tank package also contains Tetra AquaSafe water dechlorinators and other signature Tetra add-ons.

Larger tanks impose more weight, therefore they require special cabinets or stands. Tetra fish tanks come with a gigantic stand called ‘The Majesty’, which measures 48×13 inches, and is strong enough to withstand 521 lbs weight of the 55-gallon fish tank.

The other perks that this aquarium offers include Tetra SafeStart to remove ammonia and nitrite compounds, Tetra Whisper Air Pump and Tetra Blooming Anemone for décor.

Product Specifications

  • Contains LED lights, 6” fish net, 200W heater, thermometer
  • The Majesty stand, measures 49.88”Lx14.38”Wx28”H, weighs 44 lbs
  • A wide array of Tetra’s own products—dechlorinator, air pump, anemone
  • WPF 60 filter, 34” hinged hood, plants and instruction manuals
  • Product dimensions—51.9”Lx16.4”Wx24.2”H, weighs 78 lbs


  • Comes with a large stand which offers a huge storage space
  • Has stick-on thermometer to keep-check on water temperatures
  • The hood is hinged, therefore easy to open, feed food, fix lights
  • Comes with Tetra’s own plants for decoration


  • Filter is a bit loud and need water to be 1-2” above the hood
  • May not be suitable for turtles

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3. Vepotek 360 Stainless Steel Trim Acrylic and Plastic Cylinder Fish Tank

Vepotek Vapotek 360 Stainless Steel Trim Acrylicand Plastic Cylinder...
  • Vapotek 360 freshwater fish tank features a cylindrical design for easy display
  • Available in 50 or 70 gallons to fit your environment

Large all-in-one fish tanks are an aquarist’s dream come true. They arrive all complete at your doorstep with all the necessities—light fixtures, filtration system, temperature regulators, and even gravel and fish feed.  Fish tanks by Vepotek are such categories of all-in-one aquariums.

The aquariums by Vepotek are acrylic builds, and such constructions have become quite a popular alternative in the recent years. Acrylic is 17 times more impact-resistant than glass, and about half its weight! This works to your benefit when you have to import or ship these fish tanks from a distant location.

Additionally acrylic is not as reflective as glass, therefore even when the surrounding room lights are on, the interiors of Vepotek aquariums are more visible.

The most attractive feature of Vepotek tanks are that they are not the traditional rectangular tanks that take up a lot of space. They are cylindrical, and stand tall, and highly space-efficient. As such, you can get an unobstructed 360° view of the aquascape.

The base and the top of this aquarium are made of stainless steel, with LED lights that mimic natural form of lighting. The fish tank also comes with a complete filtration system and weighs only 38 pounds.

Product Specifications

  • Cylindrical shaped, stainless steel top and bottom, requires acrylic welding
  • Acrylic exterior, high impact resistance, low reflective surface, clear view
  • LED lights that mimic natural lighting, dimensions–20”Lx20”Wx58”H
  • Full filtration system included—filter box, air and water pumps, bio balls


  • Aesthetic—spacious and unique
  • Space efficient—being cylindrical, they stand tall, occupies less space
  • Light-weight—half of the weight of glass
  • 360° view—as it is cylindrical, you can view your fish from all angle


  • Setting might be a bit cumbersome

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4. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, 36 by 15 by 20", Black
  • Combo includes aquarium, reflector and electrical 24" light fixture
  • Acrylic aquariums are clearer than glass, 17 times stronger, and only half the weight!

Large tanks are a lot of fun to decorate. The tank-keeper would be able to place exotic fish and plants in, and decorate with corals, driftwood, ships, ruins, statues, and bubble makers! The large, clear view is peaceful and almost therapeutic to troubled souls!

Aquariums by SeaClear are one such manufacture. They come in combo packs, and include almost everything you need- 12” light fixtures and reflectors. These aquariums are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fish, so you can imagine the varieties of fish you can place in there.

The fish tank also has an acrylic build which makes it more impact-resistant and light-weight than glass builds.

One of the most attractive features of these aquariums by SeaClear is that they are slightly different than the conventional rectangular fish tanks— they are hexagonal or six-sided, resembling the honey-comb structure!

Not only do these aquariums have a high aesthetic value, but are also quite functional. They are easy to clean and maintain as well.

Product Specifications

  • Aquariums are made of acrylic and hexagonal in shape
  • They are combo packs and include light fixtures and reflectors
  • Product dimensions–15”Lx15”Wx24”H
  • Weighs only 20 pounds


  • Hexagonal shaped—beautiful and spacious
  • Suitable for both salty water and freshwater creatures
  • Highly impact-resistant, clearer and light-weight


  • Does not contain a filter system
  • You need to remove the plastic cover and light to feed the fish

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5. ClearForLife 55 Hex PARENT

Clear-For-Life 55 Hexagon Aquarium - Light Blue Back
  • Dimensions - 29"(L)x25"(W)x24"(H)
  • Light Blue Back Panels (3) - Round Front Corners

Clear-For-Life is an amazing brand manufacturing aquarium of all shapes and sizes. They are acrylic manufactures and bring immense enjoyment to aquarists and animal lovers. They also bring aesthetic pleasure and look gorgeous when placed as a corner piece in the living room!

As they have acrylic builds, therefore they have a highly robust structure and can withstand pressure and force of large kinds. They are known to be 17 times more shockproof than glass and have only half the weight of glass. They have an attractive shape—round front corners, with light-blue back panels.

Acrylic builds have another advantage, out of the numerous others. They offer impeccable clarity for viewing the wondrous aquascapes—you can literally spend hours looking at the beautiful fish-tails swaying away in the peaceful blue.

They are perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fish. You can decorate these fish tanks with coral reefs and other types of aquatic plants.

Product Specifications

  • Acrylic build, robust structure, light-weight
  • Top is a fixed top or partial-open top, foot-wide windows or portals
  • Unique shape—round front corners, light-blue back panels
  • Clear exterior, product dimensions– 29”Lx25”Wx24”H
  • Shipping weight—80 lbs, assembled product weight 30 lbs


  • The rounded edges of the structure offer more durability
  • The blue color of the back panels add a natural look
  • The back panels prevent harsh sunlight from entering the tank
  • High impact-resistance, light-weight


  • Does not come with light fixtures
  • Hood does not allow full light penetration

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6. SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums

SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 24x24x20 10mm...
  • Starfire rimless Tank 24x24x20" 10mm 2/5" thickness
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet with dual opening doors 24x24x31"

Fish Tanks by SC Aquariums are some chic-looking fish tanks, and come with a equally stylish cabinet or stand. They are also equipped with 3-drilled holes in the overflow box and are rimless, therefore the view is wider and more fulfilling.

The cabinet is heavy-duty to hold the weight of the large tank. It flaunts a magnificent exterior with dual-doors. Inside the pack, you will also get a SCA-301 skimmer, and Atmen PH2500 return pump.

What else are included in the kit? Look through the endless goody box and you will get a Durso stand pipe, bulkheads, tubing, bio media and filter media. In short, they are amazing and you are getting almost everything in one pack. A good buy and a complete value for money.

Product Specifications

  • Glass aquarium, 3-drilled hole overflow box
  • Comes with a majestic looking stand or cabinet with dual-doors
  • Skimmer, return pump, stand pipe, media, tube, bulkheads all included
  • Product dimensions– 24”x24”x20”, weighs 250 lbs
  • Cabinet dimensions– 24”x24”x31”


  • Comes with a compatible stand
  • Pack contains plenty of complementary equipment
  • 3-drilled holes in the overflow box—easy to fix, prevents overflow


  • Lacks an assembly manual

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Buying Guide For Best 55 Gallon Fish Tanks

55 gallon fish tanks are, let’s face it, quite large. Aquarists, fish-lovers, aquarium keepers—who have years of experience with smaller fish tanks, can definitely switch to a bigger tank like 55-gallon ones.

Not only will you fishy friends have a new and larger home but think of the countless number of ways you would be able to decorate the tank. Before you get too excited though, there are certain pointers that you must keep in mind before purchasing a 55-gallon tank.

After having purchased one, if you end up not liking it or feeling overwhelmed with such a large-sized tank, returning it might be a time-consuming process. Therefore make a wise and well-informed decision. Let’s take a look at those purchasing pointers:

1. Decide where you would want to keep it

55-gallon rectangular fish tanks are simply large, and they occupy a sufficient amount of space. Unless you have a separate facility for housing large fish tanks, you would want to position the big fish house in one corner of your living room or dining space.

Therefore, before you end up buying one, decide the most suitable spot in your house where the fish tank would find its location. Make sure wherever you decide to keep it, there should be abundant space at the front and back of the fish tank.

You, as the keeper, would have to spend a considerable amount of time feeding the fish or changing water, the latter being a time-consuming process. A sufficient front space will let you do that. A backspace would ensure that your hang-on-the-back filters get sufficient room.

Also, wherever you decide to locate your new aquarium, bear in mind that it is away from plugs and cords. In that way, if any water overflows or leakage happens, the risk of short-circuit will be minimized.

Another thing you might like to remember before settling on a location is if the place is easily accessible to the public. Yes! Such a beautiful reflective ornamental piece would go unnoticed by your friends and guests if you place it in a dark corridor or under the staircase.

Therefore place it in a location where people can admire its beauty and children can observe and learn about aquatic landscapes to take inspiration for their science lessons.

2. The right shape and dimensions

There are different sizes of fish tanks available. These variations could be a lifesaver for many aquarists and hobbyists. Traditional aquariums are mostly rectangular that consume a lot of space, and need to be kept either against a wall or against a flat surface. They are not at all suitable to be positioned in a corner.

However, thanks to the thoughtful manufacturers, nowadays hexagonal and cylindrical shaped aquariums are also available, and my, are they gorgeous! They are perfect for small spaces and corners.

They are also unique and refreshing for a change—just imagine the attention your adorable fish buddies are going to get after you shift them to one of these. With proper lighting and decorations, these differently-shaped aquariums would look other-worldly.

While, with the conventional square or rectangular fish tanks you only get a front and side view, with cylindrical tanks you would get a 360° view, depending upon where you have positioned it though.

Typical rectangular tanks come in dimensions of 40x39x54 inches, whereas hexagonal aquariums fall anywhere within 25x29x24 inches. So you can easily see the stark difference in the amount of space each is going to consume.

Rectangular behemoth aquariums are great for central decoration objects. On the other hand if you live alone in a space-efficient flat, and is struggling for space to keep a 55-gallon fish tank, you might as well go for a cylindrical or a hexagonal tank.

3. Does the tank come with all the right equipment?

If you do not have a separate aquarium-keeper who will maintain the 55-gallon tank for you, it would be better if you order all-in-one combo packs. You might not have enough time to go to the pet store and spend hours choosing the equipment or ornaments, so choose one that comes with pumps, filters, and light-fixtures.

At least make sure your aquarium has light fixtures and a good-enough filter mechanism to begin with, and a few months later, you can always customize and improvise.

Take a checklist with you of the number of equipment that are essential for the upkeep of a fish tank as large as a 55-gallon one. Here is a list of a common few must-haves in the fish tank combo pack:

  • Fish tank lid

Water overflow is a common dilemma but could prove to be dangerous if your fish tank is situated anywhere close to plugs or wires. Ensure your aquarium has a lid, more preferably, with light pockets or windows for light to enter.

If the lid can be opened or closed on sliders or hinges then it would be even better. Lids prevent water dripping, contaminants from outside to flow in, and keep the fish protected. The ones that can be opened and closed are quite useful in feeding the fish.

  • Cabinet or stand:

Cabinets are especially useful for storage and of course, to hold the aquarium in place. 55-gallon tanks need support, that’s for sure. Not all 55-gallon tanks come with a cabinet or stand, but if you order one that does, it would be very helpful for you.

Getting a compatible stand from the pet store might be a tad difficult, since there is a possibility that it might not be strong enough to withstand the weight of your fully-decorated and inhabited tank.

A 55-gallon tank may weigh anywhere between 70 and 80 lbs, and when fully occupied, it may weigh around 630 lbs. Hope you have got the point and would get yourself a sturdy build of a cabinet!

  • Heating mechanism and thermometer

Depending on the temperature conditions of your living place, this would be an aspect you might want to consider seriously. The source of water for your aquariums might be freezing cold in winter, especially if you are living in snow-covered areas or in the northern regions.

Having said that, you might also be living in a superbly hot or humid place—in which case you might want to keep track of the water temperatures at all times. Water temperature tracking will also help you predict and solve any possible causes of infestations.

  • Light fixtures

Fish do sleep, and their circadian rhythm stays in check when a proper routine of the hours of illumination and darkness is maintained. Too bright or too dim lights are a no-no for aquariums, and long exposures to sunlight or any other form of light is quite harmful in every possible way.

LED lights are great because they emit a soft glow and are usually available in white, blue and other natural-looking color variations.

  • Filtration mechanism

Most importantly—does your brand new aquarium come with a filter? It could be a simple filter, not the 3-stage one, but at least it would keep the water aerated and house multiplying populations of beneficial bacteria.

You need oxygen and bacteria for your 55-gallon fish tank—you cannot compromise with this under any condition


Q.1) What kind of fish can I add in a 55gallon fish tank?

Ans: Broadly speaking, you can categorize the fish in an aquarium based upon which segment of the aquarium they like to stay in mostly. Some like to live at the bottom of the aquarium and are therefore called the ‘bottom-dwellers’. They barely venture and swim in the higher segments of the water-columns.

Mostly are scavengers and are popularly known as the ‘cleaning crew’ in the aquarist community. Consider keeping Cory Catfish—you can feed them heavy food pellets, so that the food sink and reach the fish. Keep them in schools of fives or tens—a pack of ten would be more than sufficient for your 55 gallon tank.

Another bottom dweller could be Plecostomus or Pleco—they grow quite large and could be a bit aggressive when they grow older. Kuhli or Clown loaches could be another option of bottom-dweller species—as they are a bit bigger in size, so keeping them in packs of 5 should be enough. Cherry shrimp and Ghost shrimp could also be a popular choice.

Then come the mid-dwellers. These are fish populations that dare to swim in the upper water columns—an inch distant from the gravel, or as high as a few inches under the water surface. Gouramis could be a beautiful addition of mid-level fish in your 55-gallon tank.

Some Gouramis could be as long as 6-inches and could be a bit territorial though—so you might like to keep them in smaller populations. You can consider the Dwarf Gouramis instead—they are much smaller. Angelfish, Barbs and Tetras are other fish that you can keep in your list of considerations.

Neon Tetras are small and you can think about keeping packs of 20 in your 55-gallon tank. You can also think about housing some Cardinal or Bleeding Heart Tetra species. Cherry Barbs are beautiful—keeping six to eight of them would add a wondrous touch to your 55-gallon fish house.

Fish that prefer to swim in the topmost levels of the aquarium include Guppies, Sword-tails and Mollies, among others. Guppies will add a burst of color in your aquarium—watching them is a pleasure. Swords and Platys are great too—for every male Sword, keep two female Swords.

Mollies would be an excellent consideration too—you can think of keeping Lyretail or Sailfin Molly, among other species. Cute stripped Zebra Danios, Cyclids and Puffers would be refreshing additions too.

Q.2) What are the pros and cons of a 55 gallon aquarium?

Ans: Pros

  • 4-foot length and 21” height give a large viewing panel
  • All-in-one kits could be quite cheap—around $150
  • Contains all equipment, if not, compatible fixtures are easy to find
  • Highly customizable, you can decorate in any way you want
  • You can stock so many types of fish in it


  • Great in length and height but not in width—only 12.5” wide, less depth
  • Quite heavy when fully equipped—a stand is often difficult to find
  • You might end up spending a good 75$ to $100 for a separate stand
  • You might need more than one filter—high chances of infestation
  • Taller tanks are difficult to clean, light penetration is low

Q.3) How much do 55gallon tanks generally weigh?

Ans: A glass freshwater tank weighs around 487 lbs, while a lighter acrylic version weighs around 455 lbs. Glass saltwater tanks, however, weigh around 498 lbs, while their acrylic counterparts weigh 466 lbs.

Q.4) How do you clean a 55gallon tank properly?

Ans: If your 55-gallon has a proper filtration system, you would not need to worry about anything for a long time. Make sure that the filtration system is 3-stage—either the filtering mechanism may come included in the tank package, or if it is not, purchase all required components of it.

The 3-stage filtration process includes mechanical, chemical and biological filtration process. Mechanical filtration removes all kinds of larger and visible debris or floating dirt from the water.

Chemical filtration removes any chemicals from the water—like ammonia or nitrites, among other contaminants. Biological filtration houses population of useful bacteria that convert harmful ammonium compounds to benign nitrates.

Final Word

55-gallon fish tanks are humongous, and it takes a lot for a proper upkeep of the fish and the tank itself. But such large tanks can be customized to your heart’s content—just imagine the number of fish, plants and ornaments you could add to beautify it!

What are some of the best 55 gallon fish tanks? We knew you won’t be able to hold your excitement!

Manufacturers like SeaClear, Aquaculture, Tetra, Vepotek, Clear-For-Life, Seapora and StarFire have built some of the best 55-gallon fish tank kits for you to choose from!

Most of them are all-in-one kits or combos that take a lot of burden off your shoulders of having to look for suitable fixtures and equipments at different pet stores.

55-gallon tanks offer a lot of space and also easy to clean and maintain. They come in varieties of shapes and sizes; besides the traditional rectangular versions, modern versions are available in hexagonal and cylindrical shapes too.

No more waiting! If you are excited and want to give your fish a new and larger house, do so right away!

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