The 6 Best Aquaponic Fish Tanks of 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

For nature-lovers, aquaponic fish tanks are a dream come true. Not only do aquaponics add an irresistible charm to your home and office décor, but they also have an educational value, acting as a doorway to a revolutionizing method of modern agriculture.

You must already be looking for an aquaponic fish tank for your home. There are a variety of such fish tanks available in the market and the best aquaponic fish tanks share some features in common.

Aquaponic fish tanks recycle wastewater to provide nutrients to plants to grow. This recycling process is carried out by beneficial bacteria that grow in the biological filters of the fish tank.

There is no limit as to the types of plants that you can grow in these aquaponic indoor gardens—herbs, vegetables, flowers, you name it! Kids love looking at aquaponics and learn a lot about how ecosystems work by mere observations.

Aquaponics are undeniably a trend-setter in the world of fish tanks. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at how aquaponics work and what are the features you should look for in the best aquaponic fish tanks!


How do aquaponic fish tanks function?

Aquaponics recycle waste to produce food for plants. Therefore by using an aquaponics fish tank, you are not only getting an aquarium, but also an indoor garden!

The garden bed or box is connected to the fish tank via means of a pumping system. This pumping system circulates dirty water out of the fish tank to the garden bed, recycle the waste in the water, and then return recycled cleaner water back to the fish tank.

When dirty water gets circulated out of the aquarium to the garden soil, beneficial bacteria present in the water make their way to the garden soil as well. There, the good bacteria, convert the ammonium compounds present in the waste aquarium water to harmless nutrients, like nitrites and nitrates that are taken up by the plants for growth. The cleaner water is then sent back to the fish tank to be used again.

Aquaponics is a natural way to clean water. Using aquaponics will save you on water bills, energy bills, and aquarium maintenance costs, and will let you grow food in your house for free.

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Best Aquaponic Fish Tanks Reviews


1. TARARIUM Glass Aquarium Desktop Betta Fish Tank

Aquariums are great little gadgets to enhance the décor of your office or your home. To add to its aesthetic features, if the aquarium can also recycle the fish wastes into plant food, that would surely seal the deal.

Take aquaponic aquariums by TARARIUM, for example. It is one of the best desktop fish tanks available and unbelievably low maintenance. TARARIUM comes at #1 in our list of the best aquaponics fish tanks!

Remember those days when you had to change the water of the fish tanks every fortnight or even more frequently, in order to keep your tank clean of infestations?

Well, you can finally kiss those days goodbye with these TARARIUM fish tanks because they use basil plants as part of the natural filtration process, and the manufacturer recommends you to never change the water.

With such hi eco-tech features, you can relax, feed your fish as usual 3-4 times a day—every month simply top off with extra water.

TARARIUM aquariums are made organically and the exteriors are flame polished, with filters and lights included. TARARIUM’s unique filters contain a three-stage filtration process—mechanical sponge filter, bacterial biological filter, and the chemical filter, and it is recommended that you never remove the filters.

The light fixtures are LEDs the intensity of which can be controlled, as such the diurnal rhythms and the sleep cycles of the fish can be carefully regulated to mimic nature.

The plants that come with these aquaponic fish tanks will take care of the ammonium wastes produced in the tanks by utilization of the beneficial bacteria in the water. The bacteria will break the harmful ammonium compounds to harmless nitrites and nitrates that the plants can take in as growth mineral.

Manufacturers recommend that before introducing any fish into the aquarium, you should place some fish food and let the water get old for 1-3 weeks so that the nitrogen cycle begins and there are plentiful beneficial bacteria growing in the biological filter.

TARARIUM fish tanks are a joy to watch—simply plug in to start the filters, and voila, lay back and relax while observing the betta fish and shrimps swimming and wriggling around. Hence, we can say that TARARIUM Aquarium is one of the best aquaponic fish tanks out there!


Dimensions: TARARIUM Aquariums are available in the following sizes: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9 inches



  • TARARIUM fishtanks are self-cleaning and recyclable.
  • You would not need to change filters and water as you need to do with traditional tanks
  • It is 100% natural, hand-made, exteriors are children-friendly
  • It brings you to close to nature—good news for nature lovers!



  • The package may not include all equipment shown in the pictures
  • You need to wait for 3 weeks before you can place the fishes in


Our thoughts on TARARIUM Aquarium Desktop Betta Fish Tank

This aquarium employs a highly efficient aquaponic system, with a very low noise level, therefore you can place it right inside your living room, your guests will not be disturbed. It is also quite easy to use and the plants are convenient to grow. No fertilizers or pesticides are required to grow plants. The system of aquaponics uses 90% less water, and plants grow 2 times as fast. The exterior of TARARIUM aquaponic is made of acrylic, therefore the view from the outside is crystal clear and makes an amazing centerpiece. So if you are looking for the best aquaponic fish tanks, go for it!


2. AquaSprouts Garden

The next one in our list of the best aquaponic fish tanks is the AquaSprouts Garden. Aquariums by AquaSprouts Store are self-cleaning ecosystems. Not only do they beautify your living room or your office reception area, but who would not like to keep an aquarium that is so easy to maintain?

These eco-tech aquaponic systems recycle fish waste into fertilizers for plants, therefore you can enhance the aesthetics even further by planting different sorts of ornamental plants on top of these AquaSprout aquaponic fish tanks.

In self-sustaining aquaponics, the nitrogenous wastes from the aquariums are circulated to the plant bed situated at the top of the tank, along with the good bacteria that have been growing in the biological filter. These good bacteria convert the toxic wastes from the fish tanks to harmless nitrites and nitrates that act as beneficial nutrients for the growing plants.

Your children will be experiencing a full-fledged live scientific demonstration on a daily basis once you get one of these aquaponics for yourself!

Where else will you be able to enjoy such a beautiful symbiotic relationship between fish and plants? Aside from the natural perks, you will also be getting a whole lot of goodies with these aquariums—such as a garden box, lights, pumps and filters, growth media and other resources. No wonder, AquaSprouts is at #2 in the realm of best aquaponic fish tanks.


Dimension: AquaSprouts aquariums are readily available in the following sizes: 28 x 8 x 17 inches



  • Equipped with Aquaponic filtration system—self-sustaining, low maintenance
  • Has a high aesthetic value, and great for nature lovers
  • Kids will be able to learn about science by simply observing these self-operating ecosystems
  • Comes with a lot of equipment in the package



  • The filter is not secure enough for small animals such as crabs, snails or African dwarf frogs that have a tendency to escape—animals can easily escape through the pump tubes
  • Grow medium needs upkeep otherwise, the insides get clogged with accumulations of dead roots

Our thoughts on AquaSprouts Garden

Plants grown in AquaSprouts aquaponic gardens grow very quickly and add a touch of lush green and other attractive colors to your living place without you having to hire an aquarium keeper or a gardener. The fish tank 100% works by itself and you would not even need to remove or change water frequently.

These fish tanks by AquaSprouts will keep you in touch with nature, and just imagine how much your kids and younger siblings will get to learn from such aquariums. We strongly recommend this aquarium, if you’re looking for the best aquaponic fish tanks with minimal maintenance!


3. Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden is at #3 in the list of best aquaponic fish tanks. Aquariums by Springworks are great for homes, offices and even classrooms. If you are eager to teach your kids or students about how ecosystems sustain themselves, then with the help of aquaponic fish tanks, you will be able to showcase live demos right there in the classroom.

Aquaponic system of filtration mainly circulates around the concept of recycling—the organic aquarium wastes are circulated to the plant-beds located on top of the aquaponics, where the good bacteria break down the wastes into useful nutrients for the plants to absorb.

Imagine not having to change aquarium water or filters that frequently anymore because all wastes are recycled! These aquaponic fish tanks by Springworks are therefore organic, economical, decorative and enlightening.

The fish tank is of 10-gallon capacity with a garden box fitted right on top of it, connected to each other with a pumping system for the recycling process to take place. In the garden box, you can grow herbs and vegetables all around the year—imagine the delight to own a garden right inside your house!

The package is an all-in-one, so that you would not need to look around to buy any fixture separately—grow bed, lightweight clay, light fixtures, timers, quiet and efficient pumping system, de-chlorinator, useful bacteria pack, and of course, basil and oregano seeds to start your garden with.


Dimension: 23 x 14 x 12 inches is the size of SpringWorks aquaponics



  • Can be used in classrooms for teaching science
  • It has a self-sustaining aquaponic filtration system
  • Easy to set-up, low maintenance, efficient, low-cost
  • Package included a variety of convenience equipment



  • Water needs to be cycled for 6-8 weeks before fish can be added

Our Thoughts on Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

SpringWorks aquaponic fish tanks are not only great to look at but these 10-gallon kits are amazing educational objects too. The kit contains a lot of other equipment which will save you the hassle of making frequent visits to and from the pet shops and fish-tank retails.

They come with T5HO light fixtures that offer a broad light spectrum, enough to grow different types of plants in the aquaponic garden. Set-up is quite convenient, and the package includes a dependable starter kit for the treatment of chlorinated and hard water. You can go for this one if you are looking for the best 10 gallon aquaponic fish tanks.

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4. AquaSprouts Garden

Aquariums by AquaSprouts are beautiful to begin with and will increase the decorum of your house or office by ten folds.

They also make use of aquaponic systems that allow a wide array of plants to thrive and grow into a beautiful indoor-garden, maintaining a heart-warming symbiotic relationship with the aquatic creatures residing inside the fish tank.

The aquarium consists of glass construction, with plenty of space to house smaller to medium-sized fish community, including a large garden box to grow your plants in.

These aquariums by AquaSprouts Store come with a well-equipped water circulating pump to send the organic-waste containing water from the fish tank to the garden bed. In the garden bed, the good bacteria break down organic wastes into harmless nutrients that are later taken up by the plants to survive and grow.

Within a short time you will find your mini-garden flourishing with green, pink and violets—a sight to behold. As your plants mature, you can be assured that your aquarium has consistent nitrogen cycles and everything is up and running.

The package includes, among other things, a couple of growth-inducing LED light fixtures to promote faster growth of foliage. AquaSprouts Store aquarium packages include programmable light fixtures that come with independent timers—that means you can illuminate different areas of the aquarium with varying light intensities to mimic the natural lightings as much as possible. This is why we consider AquaSprouts Aquaponics as one of the best aquaponic fish tanks!
Dimension: AquaSprouts Store aquaponic systems come in the following sizes– 43.5 x 19.3 x 15 inches


  • Self-sustaining, automatic aquaponic filtration systems
  • Has high aesthetic and educational value
  • Low maintenance, efficient, low-cost
  • Come with programmable light fixtures with independent timers



  • Refilling water could be a bit tricky—the garden bed needs to be removed completely
  • Fitting pump and heater could be cumbersome

Our thoughts on AquaSprouts Aquaponics

AquaSprouts combines the efficacy and functionality of an aquaponic system with an elegant design. The lighting fixtures that are included in the kit offer a broad spectrum that promotes super-fast growths of all kinds of plants—herbs, vegetables and flowers.


5. Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden comes at #5 in our list of the best aquaponic fish tanks of all time. Back to the Roots aquariums are some of the most adorable looking mini-aquaponics available in the markets these days. They look attractive in your office, home or school, at the same time bringing you closer to nature, teaching you about the concept of natural co-dependency and agriculture.

Bringing a Back-to-the-root aquaponic to your house is like bringing a full-time science teacher home for your kids—imagine your kids learning science by live demos and experiments via this aquaponic.

Like all aquaponics, Back-to-the-roots aquariums are connected to a garden bed with the help of water circulation pumps that carry the wastewater from the fish tank to the garden soil.

Wastewater contains beneficial bacteria too that, upon reaching the garden soil, break down wastes to useful nitrites and nitrates as food for the growing plants.

Back–to-the-roots kit contains everything to get you started, and no green thumb needed in this business. Package includes organic microgreen seeds, D-Klor and Zym-Bac, Growstones and fish food.

D-Klor is the de-chlorinator that removes chlorine from water, if any, while Zym-Bac starts the much-needed nitrogen cycle in your new aquarium. Growstones will help the baby plants to grow roots faster, and the fish food included with the kit ensures a well-balanced diet for your little fishy buddies. So these are the reasons why we consider it as one of the best aquaponic fish tanks.


Dimension: 13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5 inches is the available size of Back-to-the-roots aquaponics.



  • Mini Aquaponics, self-sustaining ecosystems
  • Has great aesthetic value, educational, efficient, low maintenance
  • A wide range of plants can be grown—herbs, vegetables, flowering plants like orchids
  • Excellent gift item



  • Heaters are not included
  • Not enough space for larger fish

Our Thoughts on Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots aquaponics can be your very own aquatic community that runs an indoor herb or vegetable garden. There is absolutely no limit to what kinds of plants you would want to grow on top of your aquaponic fish tank—ranging from herbs to fruits and vegetable, almost anything can be grown.

Imagine the pleasure you will feel when you will collect your first harvest from your mini-garden and give a delicious salad-treat to your family!


6. ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System is one of the best aquaponic fish tanks out there!

Home, office, classrooms– place an aquaponic by ECOLIFE Conservation anywhere, and it will add a charm to that place like never before!

The central essence of an aquaponic filtration system involves a water circulation contraption that pumps waste water from the fish tank to a garden bed filled with soil.

This waste water contains good bacteria from the biological filter that decompose the waste into harmless nitrites and nitrates that are absorbed by the garden plants. You can grow almost any type of plant in your aquaponic garden starting from herbs to flowering plants, all year round.

These aquaponics by ECOLIFE ensure 90% less water usage, and 25% faster growth of plants in comparison to them growing on normal garden soil. In short, ECOLIFE aquaponics is a revolution in the world of sustainable resources.


Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 20 inches is the size of ECOLIFE Conservation aquaponics.



  • Self-sustainable aquaponic system
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient—uses 90% less water
  • Plants grow 25% faster than on normal garden beds
  • Different types of plants can be grown all year round



  • The tank light and the grow light work on the same timer—algae grows rapidly inside the tank
  • Grow lamps are not ordinary lights and can cause eye irritation

Our Thoughts on ECOCycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

Weighing only 17 lbs, with a plastic and metallic structure, these aquariums utilize the aquaponic system that ensures efficiency by promoting recycling and proper utilization of natural resources.

The kit contains more than you can ask for—programmable light fixtures with independent timers, remote controls, and instructional videos for a proper set-up. If you are looking for the best aquaponic fish tanks, you can go for it without any hesitation!


Buying Guide for the Best Aquaponic Fish Tanks

Aquaponic fish tanks are not just aquariums that beautify the interiors of your home or office, but it is a revolution in the modern agricultural system in many countries where people are looking for cost-efficient ways of producing food.

These aquaponics are available in various prices and sizes to suit your requirements, but what characteristics should be present in the best aquaponic fish tanks? The following pointers will help you to make the best purchase decision:



Of course you would want that your aquaponic has a crystal clear exterior through which you would be able to observe your friends with tails and fins, but one thing that often gets overlooked is which material would be more durable in the long run?

Aquaponic systems are usually constructed with either glass or acrylic, sometimes even with polyethylene and fiberglass.

Glass aquariums would be extremely see-through, but as we know they are brittle and may have sharp edges. If you have little children in your house playing about all the time, you might want to skip the glass-made ones.

You can consider acrylic builds since they are more durable, highly impact-resistant, and quite light-weight, thus reducing your shipping and transfer charges. Whichever material construction you finally decide to go for, make sure that they can effectively block sunlight, and should be free of copper and zinc.



While glass builds usually come in rectangular shapes, acrylic builds however are available in various shapes, like circular and oval. Rectangular or square shaped aquariums definitely are more spacious and your fish and other living organisms would be delighted into roaming about in their usual ways.

Circular aquaponics might lack space, but it ensures a better water circulation, thus a higher possibility for the water to stay aerated for longer.



Depending on where you would want to place your new aquaponic, you have to go for the size of the fish tank. There are smaller and circular aquaponics that can be kept on side-tables or desktops.

Then there are the larger aquaponics that need to be kept on cabinets, and occupy a large corner in your corridor or living room. Always decide on the location first before buying an aquaponic.

Here is a video on Youtube that worth your time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What kind of fish can I place in an aquaponic fish tank?

Ans: Bettas, minnows and goldfish are excellent to be nurtured in 1.5 to 5 gallon capacities of aquaponic fish tanks. Depending on the size of your tank, you can also consider trout, hybrid bass, tetras, guppies, carp, catfish, cichlids, sunfish, perch, prawns and shrimps.

Aquaponics can be used to grow both ornamental and food-purpose fish. While growing fish for consumption purposes, one thing must be kept in mind that water-cleansing and tank-cleaning commercial products should not be used in the maintenance process.


Q.2) How long should I wait before placing the fish in my new aquaponic?

Ans: The most befitting time to introduce fish in your aquaponic is when a nitrogen cycle has begun. A very good way of recognizing that the new tank has started its cycle is when you see that the plants have started to sprout.

If you live in areas where there is a colder climate, the nitrogen cycle may take about 8 to 10 weeks to establish. In warmer climates, however, the cycle completes much faster, say within a month.


Q.3) Do aquaponics need cleaning? If yes, then how?

Ans: Aquaponics do not need to be cleaned very frequently—once every 6 months should be sufficient. However, even in highly efficient systems like aquaponics, contamination is inevitable so cleaning becomes important.

Excess algae could be removed by siphoning or hosing, or you can also try scraping. You can also take an unused filter pad and just wipe the interiors of your fish tank to remove the algae that tend to stick to the glass walls.

If you are growing plants like vegetables and fruits with the help of your aquaponic which you will be eating later, then refrain from using the cleaning products available in the markets.


Q.4) Why do we need the best aquaponic fish tanks?

Ans: Advantages of an aquaponic fish tank are uncountable. Not to mention that you are being able to reduce your water bills and aquarium maintenance cost, you are also being able to grow free fertilizer and grow free food right in the comfort of your own home.

Aquaponics is also eye-catching and therefore can be used to decorate the interiors of your home or office. For hobbyist gardeners and fish-keepers, the small-sized aquaponics are ideal to practice on a small scale, before going full-fledged.

They are also fun to watch and have educational value. Children learn a lot about ecosystems by watching the plants grow, making use of the nutrients produced from the recycled wastewater.


Q.5) Where can I get aquaponic fish tanks?

Ans: They are readily available online and offline. Check the local pet-stores or fish-tank retails. Amazon has a large collection of such fish tanks where you can compare 10 different products from varieties of manufacturers side by side, and decide on the best bargain.



Aquaponic fish tanks are an amazing way to nurture your fish, at the same time uplifting the aesthetics of your home or office. By far the greatest perk of owning the best aquaponic fish tanks is that you can also grow plants by recycling waste fish tank water, which is revolutionary!

Aquaponic fish tanks are available in various shapes, sizes and material-build, so you would need to know the features that are usually present in the best aquaponic fish tanks for making the best purchase decision.

Aquaponic fish tanks manufactured by brands such as TARARIUM, AquaSprouts, SpringWorks, AquaSprouts, Back to the Roots, and ECOLIFE Conservation, are some of the best aquaponic fish tanks available in the markets in the recent times.

Pay attention to the material the fish tank is made of up before buying one—both glass and acrylic builds are good, acrylic being impact-resistant, while glass being super-clear and cheap.

Also, make sure that there is enough space in your home or office where you would fit in the aquaponic since the rectangular ones could be quite large.

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