The 7 Best Biological Filter Media in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Once you start keeping an aquarium in your home, you have to work hard to maintain it. You have to buy many Aquarium kits to ensure a suitable environment for your aquatic pets. But what’s the most important part to manage an aquarium is to keep the water fresh and clear. It is essential to keep the fishes healthy. However, today I am here to talk about something like that. Guess what? Well, it’s about the best Biological filter media.

I have listed about 7 best products and collected all their details. So, I suggest you not to skip a sentence and learn everything about these filter media. Remember, these filter media can be of different types and so, you have to learn about them very well to buy the appropriate one. Well, you will get some further information about the basics of this product. So, keep your eyes open and learn about the best Biological filter media for your Aquarium.


Reviews of 7 Best Biological Filter Media

Here, you will get details of 7 different biological filter media. Not skipping a word, just focus on their details. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong product for your pet’s home.


1. J-star Aquarium Bio Balls Filter Media

J-star Aquarium Bio Balls Filter Media
  • Bio balls is hollow sphere made of plastic material,which has a large surface area.
  • The pond filter media is light in weight and easy to carry, it can be used in seawater or freshwater.

Let’s first get introduced to a zigzag design plastic filter ball by J-Star. Abd it will be the best option for you are looking for the best biological filter media for your big-size Aquarium. Because this product is available in different pack sizes and I am exactly talking about J-star Aquarium Bio Balls.

Pack Size

You can get these filter balls in different sizes. Pack of 18, 36, 50, 100, and 200 balls comes and you can grab any pack that is suitable for you.

product Aspects

This zigzag design plastic filter balls also come in different sizes. You can get it with either 26mm, 36 mm, or 16mm in size. So, you can enjoy variations in the size of these balls.

Advantages of Using

Biosphere and the biochemical cotton lump are placed inside the zigzag style, Skelton. It ensures a better filtering process.

Using Direction

You have to keep the balls soak in the water for at least 10 minutes. It is necessary to make the balls clean. Then you can just place them inside the tank.


  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater.
  • It reduces the growth of harmful algae.
  • Works as a great water cleaner.
  • Keep your aquatic pets healthier.


  • Nothing very serious has been found yet.

Our Thoughts on J-star Aquarium Bio Balls Filter Media

So, you have learned about the best biological filter media that you can get at a very cheap price. It is safe and ensures a better watery environment for so long and so, helps to keep the fishes healthy and happy.

Moreover, it is good for any type of water and animals. At the same time, you can buy it in different sizes and amounts. So, I think there is no reason to say no to this filter media.


2. Bio Balls Filter Media

Bio Balls Filter Media
  • OUTSTANDING FILTRATION: Our biofilter balls are covered in spines to dramatically increase the surface area of each ball...
  • TOUGH AND UNIQUE: Our large bio balls spherical shape and precise spine placement permits them to pack tightly into any...

You can also check out the best ever large size bio ball media for your cute pet’s environment. Bio Balls Filter Media is the product I am talking about. And this large size filter ball has been very popular for being super active and for its effective aftermath. You can just have a look over the Features and other information to make it sure that it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Pack Size

This product is only recommended for large size aquarium tanks. Because it comes with a minimum of 100 pieces of filter balls and a maximum of 2 thousands of large-size filter balls. But most people prefer buying the 300 pieces pack for their Aquarium tank.

Product Details

Each ball is 1.5 inches in diameter. All of them are covered with plastic spines and it is helpful to increase the surface area of them that covers nearly 2 square feet.

Using Direction

All these filter spine balls will come with a polyester black mesh bag. You are free to use it either with the bag or without it. But you have to make it sure that you have soaked the balls in water for about 10 minutes before placing them inside the tank.

For Different Water Environment

You can use this best biological filter media in a tank with both fresh and saltwater. As it has come with a huge amount, you can place them in an hour tank or even in the little pond in your garden.


  • You can clean these filter balls just by soaking them in water.
  • It works even better than lava rocks.
  • Suitable for both aquariums and ponds.
  • Keep variants of Aquatic Inhabitants healthy.
  • Its spherical shape and precise spine make it very effective.


  • You cannot get this ball pack with less than 100 pieces.

Our Thoughts on Bio Balls Filter Media

I personally recommend this product especially for those who have a beautiful pond in their garden. Because it comes with a large amount and yet the price is very much budget-friendly. Again, you can buy it for your aquarium tank, and then you have to take the smallest pack.

No matter what kind of aquatic inhabitants, plats, and even water you are placing inside the tank, you can use these filter media balls. And I am pretty sure that it will make you happy with a very effective outcome.


3. Hygger 6.2-Inch Long Large Aquarium Filter Media

Hygger 6.2-Inch Long Large Aquarium Filter Media
  • [Dual Purpose Filtration]: This aquarium filter media serves mechanical filtration to catch fine particles and...
  • [Large Surface Area]: Premium ceramic media covered with thousands of porous tiny holes provides large surface area for...

Hygger 6.2-Inch Long Large Aquarium Filter Media is an animal-friendly water filter for the home aquarium. It comes in a valuable package containing 40 filters in a box. To keep your aquarium water clean and fish-friendly, this nature-friendly filter can be a great option.

Package Size

The size of the whole box is around 14.5 inches in length, width is around 9.4 inches, and 8 inches in height. The weight of the package is around 7.9lbs. So you don’t need to worry about shipping much.

Product Details

It is made of high-quality ceramic materials. Each of the filters weighs around 90gm and the length is around 6.2 inches with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

Advantages of Using

This filter is known for its exceptional water filtration capabilities. It can be used in all kinds of setup along with a home aquarium. It suits both mechanical and biofiltration systems at the same time.

Using Direction

You will have to unpack the blocks and rinse them with water before applying. Rinse them with source water and you can break the blocks into pieces for your convenience.


  • Capable of removing impurities, harmful ammonia, and nitrates.
  • Absorbs toxins, odors, heavy metals, etc from the water and helps to colonize good bacteria.
  • Offers a wide range of freshwater application capabilities.
  • Can be used in large open space tanks and does not require any extra maintenance procedures.
  • Easy to use and can be recycled.


  • We did not find any serious issues.

Our Thoughts on hygger 6.2-Inch Long Large Aquarium Filter Media

We will highly suggest this filter from hygger for its unprecedented usability and wide range of applications. It lasts relatively longer if we compare it with similar filters. If you need filters from marine water applications, we will encourage you to look for a more flexible one.


4. EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media

EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media
  • Made of highly porous artifiical sintered glass material
  • Unbeatable surface area structure of 1800 sq ft per gallon

You can also try EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media. You should be familiar with EHEIM because it is popular not just in America, but all over the world. And it has become famous for being its amazing Aquarium kit and other pet accessories. And this product is also widely known as the best biological filter media. So, let’s have a glance over the little details of this product.

Pack size

It comes in different pack sizes and we are going to look at the 5 liters one. It is 22cm in height and weighs around 10.5 lbs. The package does not allocate any extra volume.

Product details

It is one of the most popular biological filter media and lasts for a long time compared to other similar products. It is made of glass materials that are heavily porous with advanced technology.

Using Direction

It supports all the EHEIM filters natively and you can also use it in your custom water tank with a supported filtration system. You can put these pearl-shaped media after filling the water in the tank.

Effective Results

EHEIM is known for its excellent service and long durability. These pearls are also reusable with proper cleaning. Its structure promotes proper water penetration and helps optimal colonization of bacteria.


  • Provides value for money.
  • Lasts a relatively long time.
  • It is reusable and the replacement period is around 3 to 6 months.
  • Suitable for all types of fish and plants.
  • Offers high-quality filtration support and helps to keep an optimum water environment.


  • You might face very few support issues with some filtration systems.

Our Thoughts on EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media

The support issues I have mentioned in the cons’ section won’t be a big deal. You can handle it just by yourself. You can simply clean the filter while adding these filter balls to water. It will work great and the type of water doesn’t matter at all.

Thinking about the price? Oh, stop here. It’s not that much pricey to be worrying about. And yet, it works even better than any other water filter balls. So, I cannot avoid recommending this product anyway.


5. DrTim’s Aquatics Fish Filter Media for Freshwater

DrTim’s Aquatics Fish Filter Media for Freshwater
  • Pure - no fillers, treats more, better value. 100% pha-based pearls
  • Controls phosphate and nitrate

Dr. Tim’s Aquarium kit is always preferable for its durability and outstanding aftermath. So, I don’t think a list of best biological filter media for freshwater can be appropriate without a product from Dr. Tim. And so, I have selected DrTim’s Aquatics Fish Filter Media for Freshwater because of its high advantages and easement of use. Let’s learn more about it.

Product details

When comparing it to most other filter media for freshwater, you will find that it is quite thinner in size. And this tiny sized Pearl will come with numeral amounts and you can get it by its weight.

Pack Size

This product comes with a pack of 5 oz to 125 oz. But most people prefer using 32 oz packs. And this pack size comes with a 5.5 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches diameter of the container. That makes it easy to store and carry when to use.


To form this excellent filter pearls, the producer used 100% PHA-based pearls made of 100% biodegradable polymer substances. And the ingredients have no trace of harmful chemicals. All-natural ingredients help to ensure better filtration.


PHA-based pearls are very essential to control the amount of phosphate, ammonia, and nitrate. And its structure and other qualities help it to work as a better protein skimmer. Also, it is very helpful to eliminate harmful bacteria and to keep your pets healthy.

Using Direction

You have to use 3ml of this pearl for every 1 gallon of water. Remember not to use all the pearls at a time and try to add them very small amounts at first. And then keep increasing the amount over time.


  • It is completely secure for almost all kinds of fish and corals.
  • Keep an appropriate balance of ammonia and phosphate.
  • 100% PHA-based biodegradable pearls for better results.
  • 1 container can be able to treat over 300 gallons of water.


  • You have to buy this product again and again as these pearls will disappear with the span of time.

Our Thoughts DrTim’s Aquatics Fish Filter Media for Freshwater

It is not plastic made of undestroyable and nonbiodegradable filter balls. If you are thinking about the decrease in the use of plastic and try its substitute, then finding a competitor of this product will be quite difficult. It is easy to use and quite effective.

Besides, this filter pearls’ packs are quite pocket-friendly. It won’t make you worry about buying it on a regular basis. So, why not you try it?


6. ZOOPOLR 500g Bio Balls Ceramic Rings Set

ZOOPOLR 500g Bio Balls Ceramic Rings Set
  • 12 Filter Media - These include volcanic rocks, medical stone, zeolite, coral sand, nanometer bacterial rings, infrared...
  • Easily Improve Water Quality - Placing filter material in fish tank and pond.The product can filter and purify water...

Let’s meet another best biological filter media to ensure a better watery environment in your beautiful Aquarium. Zoopolr is the brand I am now talking about and its 500g Bio balls will be focused here. I recommend this product especially for those who want to try the ceramic ring set filter balls. If you are interested, just keep your eyes here.

Pack size

This particular package size is 500gm which is plenty for a home aquarium. The package approximately 7.6 inches in length, width is 5.4 inches, and 2.5 inches in height.

Product details

This filter media includes up to 12 types of filtration media materials. It works on all types of water tanks and cleans biological waste with the included filtration system. It is helpful for keeping the optimal water PH level for water spices.

Using Direction

It contains organic materials and it is suggested to clean the product before using it in the water tank. You can place these filtration support balls in the tank after adding the conditioned water.

Effective Results

ZOOPOLR Bio Balls Ceramic Rings are known for its exceptional service in water filtration, cleaning biological waste, and holding the optimum PH level of water for the water animals and plants. It also promotes a good water ecosystem.


  • These bio-balls last for a long time.
  • Helps the colonization process of beneficial bacteria.
  • Offers the good aspects of biological filter media.
  • Helps to maintain the oxygen level underwater.
  • This blend is made of safe


  • No issues have been found with this product.

Our Thoughts on ZOOPOLR 500g Bio Balls Ceramic Rings Set

Yes, no serious issue has been found and you can buy this product without any doubt. It is very protective and you can use any type of aquatic inhabitants on any type of water. That’s why it is known as the best biological filter media.

Moreover, it cleans water by removing ammonia, nitrate, and other harmful elements. It helps in bacteria colonization and then promotes a better filtering process. So, you don’t have to worry much and just go grab it for your cute aquatic pet.


7. Aquapapa Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media

Aquapapa Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media
  • Ready to use media bags, convenient use for all types of filters. Good to use in both fresh and saltwater tank.
  • Hollow shape enhances biological filtration capacity allowing water flow through and less likely to get clogged. Porous...

We have come to the last option for today. And now, I am talking about Aquapapa Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media. Didn’t you ever hear about Aquapapa? I don’t think so. Because it is another popular aquarium kits manufacturer and this filter media is also very popular for being very effective.

Product Details

These ceramic rings are 11/16″x 5/8″ inches in diameter. And it comes with 6 or 10 lbs of the amount. You can get the standard size of rings with 12″x 10.5″ inches reclosable zip mesh bags. And these rings are made of ceramic.

Clean the Water

You will enjoy a bucket full of advantages of using this filter media. It can clean the water inside the tank very easily. It will decrease the amount of harmful ammonia and nitrite the water includes. And you know that they are very harmful to any kind of aquatic pets.

Good for All Type of Fish Variants

Not just for any type of fish variants, this supportive filter media is suitable for any type of coral and watery plants. You can even use this product in the ponds of your garden.

Using Direction

You can just keep the zipped filter rings in the aquarium tank. It will not float on the water surface but it will on the deepest floor as it is made of heavy ceramic. However, you should clean this filter media before using it.


These protective Bio Ceramic Rings are very good to ensure a better filtration process. It will clean out at the first and dangerous chemical substances from the water. This is how it will help to create a secure environment for your aquatic pets.


  • You can use it on both aquariums and ponds.
  • Good to clean phosphate and ammonia.
  • The tiny pores on the walls of these bio balls help the beneficial bacteria to colonize inside it.
  • Doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly.


  • No serious complaints have appeared yet.

Our Thoughts on Aquapapa Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media

So, you have learned about another best biological filter media with no serious complaint to be noted. Besides, it is very effective and makes the watery environment suitable for any type of aquatic animals and plants including corals.

You don’t have to think about the cost as it is not that much to be counted. Yet, its beneficial sides are too much to get it at such a lower price. I am pretty sure that it will never disappoint you.


Buying Guide

To buy good quality media for the filter you should go through some inspection. This can be tricky and random choice might degrade the condition of your fish tank. We are going to share some information on buying high-quality filter media in the following section.


There are lots of different ingredients that are common in the biological filtration system. Some of them are bio stars, balls, pads, ceramic rings, sponge, gravel, etc. They are used in both bio-media and mechanical media.

All of them have a certain level of usefulness and functions. If you are thinking of easy maintenance then ceramic, bio balls and pad will suit your needs. They are easy to replace and support almost all types of filtration systems.


Pricing is a crucial topic. You can not buy a bio media set that is out of your budget. And, do not go for expensive products. Those will not provide you the value for money. But if you find something with authentic reviews then go for that even with a bit of increased price.

The expensive ones are usually marketed as high-quality products. We suggest you buy the one which accommodates your budget and fulfills your needs.

Types of the filter media

There are many types of biological media for filters. They come in numerous shapes and sizes. You need to choose the size according to your water tank size.

Small-sized bio-balls are not for big aquariums. The designs and shapes of the media are also important. We would suggest you buy round, oval, spherical, and ring-shaped ones for any kind of user.


Another thing you need to keep in mind is the maintenance issues and costs. You surely do not want a bio media for your filtration system that costs more than expectations and requires frequent changes.

We will suggest researching the maintenance cost and durations of usage before buying any filter bio media products. Look for the long term usage ones with affordable pricing.

Surface Region

The surface area is another crucial aspect that you have to remember before choosing any media. Different bio-media filters offer different types of surface accommodations. This surface quality determines the quality of the water and the balance of beneficial bacteria inside the water.

The helpful bacteria also help to remove toxins, pollutants, and harmful materials. The shape and type of these media play an important role in providing a suitable surface for the colonization of those bacteria and other species. So choose according to your water applications and requirements.



Q: Which is the best Biological filter media?

A: Bio Balls Filter Media and J-star Aquarium Bio Balls Filter are widely known as the best Biological filter media.

Q: How can I set up biological media in the Filter?

A: First, keep some gravel or sand in the filter and add the pad or the media balls over the gravels or sand. You can also add some existing media that you get from another fish tank. This is how you can set up the bio media in the filter.

Q: How often should I replace biofilter media?

A: Bio media for filters can be of different brands and they have a different lifespan. So, you should check out the details in the product while buying and replace it according to the instructions given by the product manufacturer.

Q: How long can biological media last?

A: Most of the high quality and natural biological media doesn’t need replacement. But you should check out the instructions about the replacement written on the products.

Q: Can a sponge work as a biological filter media?

A: Yes, a specific type of sponge works great as the Biological filter media.

Q: How to clean the filter media?

A: You can just clean the ball-shaped filter media by soaking in water. But different types of filter media need different ways to be cleaned. In most cases, dechlorinated water is used to clean the biofilter media.


Final Thought

You have already learned about how important it is to keep high quality and the best biological media in the filter. It will keep the water clean from chlorine, nitrate, ammonia, phosphate, and so on. To be more specific, I can say that, you have no better and easy option for this filter media. So, try to read out the details and find out the appropriate one for your aquarium.

So, it’s time, I should say goodbye. Don’t forget to inform us if you still have any confusion about this topic. All our anticipations follow your better experience with your pet fish and aquarium. Thanks a million fold for your support.

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