The 7 Best Heaters For Betta Fish (2023 Reviews)

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When we talk about one of the most important equipment you need to create a conducive environment for your betta and to make it stay healthy, the heater is a perfect example of such ‘important equipment’. In this piece, we will be sharing with you the 7 best betta heaters available today!

Best Betta Fish Heaters in a Flash

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How To Choose The Best Heater For Your Betta Fish

There are many quality tank heaters out there. However, some heaters edge the rest in one way or another. in our guide we won’t only be sharing with you some of the best tank heaters out there, we will share with you the complete guide which will include the things to look out for when getting a heater. Also, we will be answering some frequently asked questions.

It is only fair that we discuss the factors and signs to look out for when purchasing a heater for your betta fish tank. Before we go to our chosen 7 best heaters for betta fish, let’s talk about some of the important things to look out for when getting a heater.

  • From Watts to Tank size.

Some of the things to consider when getting a heater are to know if it’s able to put out the right number of watts to continuously heat the tank.

A heater would ideally put out 3 to 5 watts per gallon of water. Therefore, if you own a 5-gallon tank, you would need a heater that provides between 15 and 25 watts of power. It’s possible to use two heaters if one can’t do the job effectively.

  • Readability.

The whole essence of having a heater is to be able to heat the water tanks and be able to read the temperature while at it. it is always important to go for heaters that are readable temperature-wise.

But you need to understand that the temperature reading on your heater isn’t going to be accurate all the time. that is why you need an extra thermometer.

  • Safety Features

Heaters are mostly placed in the tank, being plugged means there is going to be a lot of electricity. But these companies that manufacture these heaters know this.

That is why the majority of the heaters are designed to be safe both for the betta owners and more importantly, the betta owners. You should look out for heaters that have all the safety features you need.

  • Adjustability

There are two types of heater out there. One type of heater has a fixed temperature that can’t be changed and the other one has a temperature that is variable and can be adjusted necessarily.

Normally, the lower cost tanks are likely to have a fixed temperature which can’t be changed. You should get the one with adjustable temperature so that you can vary the temperature with the change of weather.

The 7 Best Heaters For Betta Fish

1. Eheim Jager Betta Fish Tank Heater.

EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 75W
  • Fully submersible
  • Thermo safey control protects against running dry

Number one on the list of the 7 best heaters for bettas is the Eheim Jager Betta Fish Tank Heater. In the league of the reliable heater, this one stands out. It is known to steadily maintain the temperature of every tank.

All you have to do is place it the preset range and you are good to go. The secret to its accuracy lies in its ability to recalibrate.

It’s made of quality glass with the ability to withstand a whole lot of pressure, this is a pointer to how durable the heater is. With an electrical rate of 300 watts, and an indicating light which helps users know whether or not it is working.

One other feature that makes this heater unique is how it tends to go off when taken out from the tank (from the water). This safety measure makes it even better than so many other tank heaters out there.

It also has a mounting bracket and a suction cup which helps for an easy installation. When you talk about some things that make a heater top-notch, you need to look at some things such as the durability, accuracy, and cost; and on that ground, this heater tops it.

For every newbie out there, this is one heater that’s easy to handle. So, why is it one of the 7 best heaters for betta fish?

The Pros.

  • The heater reads accurately.
  • It is durable
  • The material used in designing the heater is quality-grade.
  • It is very affordable.

The Cons.

  • The length of the heater still needs to be improved.

2. Hygger Betta Tank Heater.

hygger 100W Mini Submersible Digital Display Aquarium Heater for Small...
  • 【Compact Small Heater】110-120V/60HZ oval shape design little aquarium heater, fast heating for small fish tank. 50W...
  • 【External Controller】easy to set the temp on the controller, only show farenheit temp, you can set the temp range...

The next name on the list of 7 best heaters for betta fish is the Hygger Betta Tank Heater. Of course, you can be sure that this is one heater you can trust to do an effective job when it comes to heating your water tank.

The Hygger Betta Tank Heater comes in three different wattages. From 300, 100, down to 50 watts. It is made from durable milky quartz coupled with an indicator light on one side of the heater.

Asides these features, it is a real submersible heater with designed external temperature adjuster which helps to adjust the water temperature by simply turning a pointer.

Why is it on our list of 7 best heaters for betta fish? The answer lies in its safety features. For instance, to make sure that your betta is safe, the heater has the capability to shut down automatically when it reaches above the level.

The body is covered in a black casing that shields it from rusting.  Two suction cups in the package.

The Hygger Tank Heater does its job effectively without having to leave a taint. According to some of the reviews we have, people choose this heater simply because it is very reliable and accurate with its readings.

Additionally, the heater’s thermostat design is great aesthetically speaking. Safe to say that buyers appreciate the protective sleeve and its milky quartz.

The Pros.

  • The Hygger Betta Tank Heater is interestingly water-resistant.
  • It is easy to set up
  • Aesthetically, the design is great.
  • It is adjustable
  • The most important part is that it is affordable.

The Cons.

  • The two suction cups are of low quality.
  • It doesn’t come with a display screen which could help with the temperature reading.

3. FreeSea Aquarium Heater.

FREESEA 25 Watt Aquarium Betta Fish Tank Heater with Aquarium...
  • 【25 Watt Heater】: This Aquarium heater is suitable for 1 to 5 gallons aquariums, Length - 6.8 inch,voltage...
  • 【Temperature range】: 63°F~95°F , It is very easy to adjust the temperature you need, we also deliberately give...

The last heater on the list of the 7 best heaters for betta fish is the FreeSea Aquarium Heater. One of the ideal heaters of 1 to 10-gallon betta fish tank. Even though there are larger alternatives that will work for bigger tanks.

This is one convenient little heater that we all need to have. The FreeSea Aquarium Heater is known to heat betta fish tanks anywhere between 59 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which of course, should be enough for all betta owners.

It’s a convenient heater due to its automatic temperature capability. With this function, it will help maintain a fixed temperature and turn on anytime the temperature goes below the ideal point. All you have to do is plug it in, and set the temperature, next place it in the tank.

It is fully submersible and does come with a year’s warranty. Safety-wise, the heater is highly rated, so you need not worry about frying your fish.

Also, the Freesea Aquarium Heater comes in different power ratings. From 50W, 75W, 100W, to 200W. You can choose the one that suits your tank.

Choosing the best power rating boils down to the size of your tank. Consider that and you will know the best rating that suits you.

Unlike the previous heater we talked about, the FreeSea heater has a modern digital display which helps users get the accurate temperature reading.

You can also modify the settings based on the temperature of the tank. If it is warm enough for your tank, all you have to do is to adjust the temperature settings.

To ensure the heater works properly and not to overheat, it has an automatic constant temperature. In addition to all of these, you get easy-to-use controls, a touch button, and a cyclist which helps to adjust the temperature to the suited level. The safety features are top-notch.

The Pros.

  • Just like most heaters on our list, the FreeSea heater is easy to use. ‘
  • The safety features are top-notch; this means that your betta’s life is safe.
  • The after-sale service is impressive.

The Cons.

  • The major problem this heater has is that it comes with a short cord which means you have to keep the tank close to a proper outlet.

4. SZELAM Smart Mini Aquarium Heater

SZELAM 25W Smart Mini Aquarium Heater, Betta Fish Tank Heater...
  • Smart Control- Adopted intelligent circuit board, with a precise temperature sensing probe and constant temperature...
  • Easier to Use- SZELAM Mini Heater different from a manually adjusted heater. Our heater automatic temperature regulate...

Another name on our list of 7 best heaters for betta fish is the Szelam Smart mini heater. So, when you think of an intelligently designed heater, one of the heaters that should readily come to your mind is the SZELAM Smart Mini Aquarium Heater.

Speaking of intelligence, the heater’s circuit board was intelligently designed. Now, this circuit board has a way of incorporating the right temperature sensing board coupled with a fixed and reliable heating system.

With this Smart Mini Aquarium Heater, a thermometer is not needed. Unlike some other heater, this particular thermometer will keep working within the set temperature.

You need not worry about adjusting the temperature manually. What this simply means is that it is energy efficient, which is quite amazing judging by the fact that most heaters out there consume a whole lot of energy.

The heater is easy to set up and it’s easy to use. The heater also regulates temperature automatically, which if you ask me, is still very reliable.

The tank will still function properly in a tank with a strong water current. It comes with a guide that will help you set it up with ease.

One of the interesting things about the heater is that it is made of high-quality material. Some of such interesting include the ceramic heating system. the ABS housing, and the sandy quartz filler.

All of these materials makes it a durable, functional, and overall quality heater.

The Pros.

  • The SZELAM Smart Mini Aquarium Heater is easy to set up. The same also applies to use it.
  • The heater’s durability is up there, thanks to the quality materials used to design it.
  • It consumes low energy. Thanks to this energy-efficient abilities, you’ll be able to save up on your light bills.
  • Being small in size means you will be able to submerge it for quality performance.

The Cons.

  • Buyers and reviews make mention of the fact they experience a slow change in temperature as time goes by.

5. Fluval Marina Submersible Heater for Aquarium.

Fluval M200 Ultra-Slim Submersible Aquarium Heater – 200W Underwater...
  • Aquarium heater that blends into the aquarium environment with built-in reflective technology that mirrors the...
  • Computer-calibrated thermostat and easy-to-adjust temperature control dial

The next heater on our list of 7 best heaters for betta fish is the Fluval Marina Submersible Heater for Aquarium. It is also classified as a mini heater due to its size. So, it’s safe to say that it is unarguably one of the best mini heaters out there, thanks to its portability.

Small tanks obviously don’t have enough space, but being able to make use of a heater that can manage this space efficiently means a lot.

The heater is fully submersible and also completely waterproof which makes sure that the circuit board and other internal components are kept dry even when submerged in water.

In addition to being water-resistant, the heater is also impact-resistant, thanks to its carefully designed body. One of the importance of being impact resistance is that if and when it accidentally drops, you won’t have to worry about your heater being damaged.

Speaking of the heater’s features and capabilities, it comes with suction cups and brackets which both make it easy to use. With the suction cups and brackets, you’ll be able to set it up in seconds, while maintaining it is quite easy too.

However, this heater can only be mounted in one vertical position. But the position should not be a problem since it’s a small heater to start with. To get started, all you have to do is to plug it in and you’ll be good to go.

An important factor when it comes to picking the right heater is its user-friendliness. That’s what you get with this heater. The temperature setting dial is easy to operate.

Also, it has a good temperature to go with it too. Safe to say the heater is great for small betta fish tanks. In addition to all of these, the heater can be used in freshwater and saltwater; this is something many people will love.

The Pros.

  • Just like most heater we have on this list, this particular heater is easy to set up.
  • The temperature dial can be easily handled.
  • The heater comes equipped with suction cups.
  • Saves a whole lot of space.
  • The tank is quite durable.

The Cons.

  • The heater is not as accurate as one would expect. This is one major downside.

6. Cobalt Aquatics Mini – Therm Heater.

Unlike most other heaters which are made of rubbers, the Cobalt Aquatics Mini-Therm Heater is uniquely made of glass material.

The heater made it to our list of the 7 best heaters for betta fish not because of the durability but because of the features and the shatterproof capability.

Speaking of durability, It is of concern to many buyers, but that’s not something that should be worried about. Why? Simply because the heater is designed having a shatterproof capability.

With this shatter proof effect, it will be difficult for the heater to break, making it very durable. Also, the internal part of the heater is compactly kept in to make sure that it is not exposed to water.

An added advantage to being compactly kept is that your betta will be protected from any form of electrocution.

Speaking of size, the design features a compact shape and a small-sized body making it possible to fit in into the smallest of tanks. To be more descriptive, it is round-shaped with a tube-like body, just like most heaters out there.

Reiteratively, being compact and small makes it possible to be installed in tanks without having to worry about the heater eating unnecessary space. You can use the heater in saltwater and freshwater tanks even though you can’t adjust the temperature.

The Pros.

  • The Cobalt Aquatics Mini – Therm Heater is very easy to use.
  • Saves a lot of space in the tank.
  • Aesthetically, the design is shatterproof.
  • Works perfectly with saltwater and freshwater.
  • All you have to do with the heater is to plug it in and go.

The Cons.

  • Users aren’t able to adjust the temperature.

7. Hydor Slim Heater For Betta Fish.

Hydor Betta Bowl Slim Fish Tank Heater, 7.5-watt, measures 3.5 inches...
  • The Slim heater will increase the water temperature of mini aquariums up to 10 gallons by a few degrees compared to the...
  • Extra small slim heater is a great choice for Betta fish & suitable for fish tanks 2 to 5 gallons, measures 5.4L x 2.5W...

The next name on the list of the 7 best heaters for betta fish is the Hydor Heater For Betta fish. Speaking of heaters with indicator light, the Hydor Heater For Betta fish turns on when it’s functioning. Thanks to the indicator light, you will know if and when the heater is working.

The indicator light turns red when it’s heating your betta tank and turns green when the preset temperature is reached; which makes it very user-friendly.

Some of the features of the tank heater include a built-in thermostat which is responsible for maintaining the water temperature at the ideal level.

However, one of its downsides is how the heater cannot be adjusted. But the Brightside is that you don’t have to make many adjustments as all you’ve got to do is to place it in the tank, turn it on and the heater is good to go.

If you own a tank that’s between 2 – 10 gallons then this is one heater you should go with. But make sure the tank has a lid or some sort of cover to make sure the heat doesn’t escape.

One of the cool things about the heater is that it can be placed in the tank in any position you choose, from the horizontal position to the vertical position.

The heater is easy to set up coupled with the fact that it is relatively small. To attach it to the interior wall of your tank, just use the suction cup and you’ll be good to go.

You still have to make sure that it is placed inside the water before plugging it in or turning it on. This is one of the basic heaters with effective features that are easy to adjust, nothing fancy. But the heater does the job effectively.

The Pros.

  • The heater is easy to install.
  • It doesn’t require any modifications or adjustments.
  • You can install it horizontally or vertically.
  • Perfect for tanks between 2 to 10 gallons.
  • It doesn’t require much space.
  • It has an inbuilt internal thermostat.

The Cons.

  • No temperature to set.

Do Betta Fish Need A Heater?

Bettas thrive in tropical waters which as we all know is quite warmer than what you’d expect with the room temperature.

Now, imagine placing your betta in a tank that’s filled with water which has the same temperature with what you have in the room, what would happen?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the betta will die, but will it be in a good state? Of course not! That is why the importance of a water heater can never be overemphasized. Please have a look at our other article on do betta fish need a heater.

Asides nice décor, clean water and feeding these bettas adequately, you still need a tank heater to put the water temperature at the right level that it ought to be. This is why we’ve come up with the list of the 7 best heaters review for betta fish.

Why Do Bettas Need A Heater?

Bettas are delicate creatures; it is only in your betta’s interest that the temperature stays at the right level. Now the secret is, heater doesn’t only raise the water temperature to the right point, but in addition to this, they also steady the temperature to make sure that there are no sharp drops or rise in the overall temperature of the tank.

The secret of the water temperature lies in the environment where you have the tank. The water temperature is greatly affected by its environment, the only thing you can do about this is to get a tank heater to help manage the water temperature.

Whenever the water drops to a cold level, it tends to affect bettas negatively. One of the things you will notice when the bettas fish tank is cold is that the betta will remain motionless for a long time.

Staying motionless isn’t the only problem your betta will face, from loss of appetite, down to an inability to swim. If not handled properly, it could also lead to the death of your betta. So if you don’t have a heater for your betta, you should get one as soon as possible.

Ideal Water Temperature for Betta Fish

You need to understand the right temperature that suits a betta fish. The ideal water temperature for your water pet is 78 to 80-degree Fahrenheit. It is often recommended to get heaters which will not overheat past this range to keep the fish safe

Even though bettas are believed to live in even colder temperatures, for domesticated ones, that won’t be ideal. The aforementioned temperature range will help keep your betta in good shape.

However, when the tank temperature drops, this could spell doom for your betta if not treated on time. When the tank temperature exceeds the 85-degree mark or fall below 74-degree Fahrenheit, it could put your betta’s life at risk or affect the overall health of your betta.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Heater For Betta Fish

-What is the best betta heater?

The Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

The winner is the Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater. We’ve highlighted its features and stated clearly why we think it’s our Top Pick. Available Watts ranges from 25 – 300. The tank size rating is up to 100 gallons. Reiteratively, the heater is equipped with some of the best features you can find out there.

-Can a heater be placed in a betta bowl?

One of the numerous questions’ betta owners tend to ask is if it’s possible to place a heater in a betta bowl. Yes! you can. But this has to be looked at holistically. A betta bowl could be a 5 – gallon tank, it could also be a 2-gallon tank.

Either way, you need to get a big tank. We recommend getting a 5-gallon tank. That way, you won’t have to worry about putting a heater in a betta bowl. Also, make sure the tank has filtration and better lighting too.

-Do I need to maintain my 5-gallon tank heater – if I have one?

Tank heaters, most especially the small ones, don’t really need deep maintenance. Of course, you should always make sure the exterior of the heater is kept clean regularly. However, to be factual. It’s highly impossible to maintain the interiors of these tools. The best you can do is make sure the exterior is properly cleaned.

Asides all of these, we don’t recommend using a simple bowl for any type of fish including the betta fish. we also believe that aquarium stores should be barred from selling such tanks as they are not ideal for any type of fish.

-What’s the best way to put a heater in a betta fish tank?

There are different ways of fixing a heater, it all depends on the particular heater. The design of a heater determines if it will be placed vertically, horizontally, both ways in the tank. You need not worry about this as the manufacturer will clearly state this in the package.

You only need to know that heaters, unlike filters, can only stay in the tank. They should be fully submerged in the tank. You need not worry about this part.

-How do you use a betta fish tank heater?

Being in the water doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn it on instantly. We recommend that you let it stay in the tank for about 20 minutes. Why? The main reason for this is to let the heaters casing properly adjust to the tank’s temperature change. This is key! For heaters with glass casing, it will help prevent fracturing. To be surer, you should read the instruction manual before handling the heater.

Once the heater has finally settled, you should turn it on. Most heaters come with dials which lets you adjust the heater to the proper operating temperature


There you have it, a complete guide on the 7 best heaters for betta fish. At the end of it all, when it comes to choosing the right heater for your betta fish tank, it is always great to do proper research.

One such lies in the study of this complete guide which gives you an idea of what to look out for and things to consider when getting a betta fish tank. We hope we’ve been able to help you. You can learn more about bettas in our website.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Cheers! Do you think we have more than 7 best heaters for betta fish? drop your comment in the comment section below.

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