The 7 Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks (2023 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Keeping fishes can be a delightful task, but when you think about cleaning the tank, you can step back from your initial idea about fishkeeping. Don’t worry because with the advancement in self-cleaning tanks’ technology, you can quickly get away from the hard work of cleaning the fish tank.

Regardless of how costly or stable an aquarium, every one of them needs standard upkeep for their appropriate and reliable working. That is the probable reason why the vast majority of the individuals incline toward getting self-cleaning fish tanks.

These tanks will look flush on your desktop or kitchen countertop, and hence down below; I will be discussing everything that you need to know regarding self cleaning fish tanks and pick out a few of the best fish cleaning tanks that I believe in standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Types of Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Before we dive down to the list of best self cleaning tanks, we need to understand the different types of self cleaning tanks that are available in the market at the moment.

We can categorize self cleaning tanks in basically two types: Water garden approach and Gravity based.

For the water garden approach, a little garden skims at the head of water. This garden helps in forestalling the water to get grimy by utilizing the fish dirt as a manure for the plants.

For the Gravity based, the tank pulls out the filthy water from the pump when you include clean water. However, don’t stress that your fish will get pulled out too because the power is moderate and isn’t strong enough to pull your fishes. The procedure is straightforward, and you should simply continue, including new clean water, and put a compartment by the pump to gather the filthy water.

Advantages of using a Self Cleaning Fish Tank!

Let us have a look at a few of the pros that you will get if you choose to get a self cleaning the fish tank.

  • It saves a lot of time, so it can be ideal for people working in offices and usually stays busy.
  • It can be best for lazy people who don’t want to get their hands dirty while giving an effort to clean the fish tank.
  • Your fishes will stay healthier because you can frequently clean the tank, and your fishes will always get enough freshwater supplies.

Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks Reviewed and Rated:

1. Back to the Roots Water Garden

 This is not just a simple self cleaning a fish tank. Back to the Roots water garden is more than that. If you know the simple principles of aquaponics, you will be able to create your own ecosystem in this tank, and you will eventually be able to grow food.

The tank has a trapezoid shape with a nursery at the top and a 3-gallon fish tank at the base. You will also get five pots of organic seeds with which you can quickly grow food in the tank.

To run the biological ecosystem smoothly, the soil created by fish is utilized as manure, which helps keep the water from getting grimy and keeping the fish poisons free. This implies there is no compelling reason to change the water as the plants will do the cleaning task for you. You simply need to ensure that you feed your fish properly in time.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 4.5/5


The tank has a 13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5 inches dimension, with a weight of 7.1 pounds.


  • The tank comes with four power cords slots, so you can put accessories like light and heater.
  • This tank can act as a medium to teach people the aquaponics life cycle.
  • The trapezoid shape is pretty good looking and puts a modern touch in your home.
  • It will come with all the accessories that you will need to start it.
  • You do not need to replace the water.


  • The water at times can get a bit dirty, so you might need to clean it manually.

Our thoughts on Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank 

This tank is a beautifully designed tank with the principles of aquaponics. The self cleaning system is designed in such a way that you do not need to change the water, and hence, those of who are looking more than just a regular self cleaning tank, Back to Roots garden can be an excellent choice.

2. As Seen on TV MY Fun Fish Self Cleaning Fish Tank

 This tank is very small and compact, so it can be a great choice for a child’s birthday gift. The shape looks like a crystal-clear pitcher and has a capacity of 0.5 gallons.

As Seen on TV My Fun Fish Tank is explicitly designed to keep one fish and is intended for kids mostly, so that they can learn fishkeeping slowly. The tank comes with many unique features like aquarium rooks, plants, and LED lights, which is powered by batteries (2 AA batteries are included in the package).

This tank is based on gravity cleaning, and the cleaning procedure is straightforward; you will put clean water in it, and the dirty water will go out using the disposable tube.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 4/5


This self cleaning tank has a dimension of 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches with a weight of just 1 pound.


  • This a perfect tank for beginners who are just starting in the fish keeping.
  • Maintenance is very easy and simple.
  • The size is very compact and easy to carry around.
  • It can act as a decorative piece for your desk.
  • This comes at a very low price.


  • Assembling the tank can be quite hard.

Our thoughts on ‘As Seen On TV 56028 My Fun Fish Tank’

The As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank is a very well built and compact size fish tank for beginners, especially children. The tank uses gravity cleaning technology for cleaning, which makes it easier to use. So, if you are looking to start with fishkeeping or want to gift your children a fish tank with which they can learn, then there can be no better alternative than this tank.

3. EcoQubec 1001b aquarium

 The EcoQubec is a tank that comes with some unique, innovative features like the LED lights, which can be controlled wirelessly using a remote control, and additionally, you change the light colors to help with the different stages of the plant growth.

This tank has a capacity of 1.5 gallons and comes with a small yet beautiful garden on top. The wireless remote can also be used to produce different lighting effects to make your aquarium look more attractive. The tank takes only a few minutes to set up and get it going.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 5/5


The tank has a dimension of 7.5 x 7.5 x 9 inches with a weight of 6.44 pounds.


  • The tank is made of plastic, which is stronger than glass.
  • The Ecoqubec tank is very small and compact in size with a small weight.
  • The LED can be controlled with a wireless remote.
  • You can create many effects using the remote.
  • The tank is handmade, which makes it more good looking.
  • The tank absolutely produces zero noise when operating.


The tank is a bit expensive for its size.

Our thoughts on EcoQubeC Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank

The company claims the EcoQubec to be the lowest maintenance aquarium currently available. If you are in search of a self cleaning aquarium that actually requires very little maintenance, then this tank can be a perfect option for you. Saying that it produces no sound at all and you won’t even realize that you own an aquarium and there is no need to change any filter or water. So, if you wish to own a self cleaning fish tank that requires absolutely zero work, EcoQubec is the one to go for.

4. BiOrb FLOW 30 (8 gallons)

 BIOrb Flow 30 is a very small fish that comes with a small capacity of 8 gallons, and it is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for self cleaning tank to keep one or two fishes. This tank is made out of sturdy acrylic, which is much stronger and durable than plastic, so this tank will serve you for very long. Additionally, you will also get an air pump, airstone, and a transformer.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 4/5


The BiOrb Flow 30 has a 15.5 x 10.2 x 14.8 inches dimension with a weight of 7 pounds.


  • It is made up of acrylic, which is more robust as well as very durable.
  • The tank can act as a beautiful decorative piece for your office and home.
  • The BiOrb flow 30 is very clear, and you can clearly see the inside without any tint.
  • It comes with a separate gap for your heater cord.
  • This tank comes with an air pump as well as low voltage LED lights.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, which is rare for fish tanks of this segment.


  • It is advisable that beginners should avoid this tank; the system is a bit complicated.

Our Thoughts on BiOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED

The BiOrb Flow 30 comes with a ceramic media instead of smooth gravel. This tank offers an exceptionally successful natural filtration design that proficiently keeps the water oxygenated and clean. The filter cartridge is designed in such a way that it collects the excess water. So, for slightly experienced people looking for a small self-cleaning tank that looks beautiful and durable, this tank is the perfect choice for you.

5. Penn-Plax APON2 aquarium

It isn’t hard to find tropical fish like betta, goldfish, etc. lovers and why not these small fishes look good as well as it takes minimalistic effort to keep them.  But as the nature of these tropical fishes, you can only keep one, and the Penn-Plax aquarium is the ideal tank for these types of fishes.

The tank has a capacity of 1.4 gallons with a planter at the top, which is composed of a ceramic substrate. Plant roots develop through this substrate and into the water in order to expend all the waste and harmful substances to the fish.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 4.5/5


The Penn-Plax has a dimension of 8 x 8 x 10 inches with a weight of 2 pounds only.


  • It comes at a very reasonable price.
  • The capacity is small, which is ideal for one tropical fish.
  • There is an aquaponics setup at the top of the aquarium with a ceramic substrate.
  • The tank is compatible with most houseplants or herbs.


  • There is no LED lighting in this tank.

Our Thoughts on Penn Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

The Penn-Plax APON 2 is an ideal small tank for people who wish to keep only one tropical fish, and the plant on top is composed of a s=ceramic substrate, which is much better than other composts. This tank will also act as a decorative beauty piece for your home. The Penn-Plax is also designed to provide a healthy natural environment for your fish.

6. NoClean Aquarium (New GravityFlow)

 This is one of the bigger self cleaning fish tanks among the tanks that we have featured in our list so far. The clean fish tank uses Gravity based self cleaning technology.  It is produced using rock-solid glass material, which will make sure that you have a clear view. It can undoubtedly convey the high weight of water, so there is no chance of glass breakage because of water weight.

Its cleaning is effortless and quick; without much of a stretch, gather the dirty water that can be utilized to water and prepare your nursery.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 4/5


The tank has a 4.5 x 4.5 x 11.5 inches dimension with a shipping weight of 4.6 pounds.


  • You can expect to get very good customer service from the manufacturer.
  • The tank comes with LED lights, which makes it glow and look exotic during the night.
  • The maintenance of this fish tank is very easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • The self cleaning process takes only 60 seconds.
  • This is an ideal tank for your betta fishes.


  • The price can be very high for some of you, but you will get a premium quality fish tank.

Our Thoughts on NoClean Aquariums GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Glass Aquarium

If money is not your primary concern, then the NoClean aquarium can be an excellent choice. This tank is small but got proper height, hence you can comfortably accommodate your fishes, and the self cleaning procedure takes only 60 seconds. So, you do not need to take any additional stress with the cleaning of the tank. Saying all that, The NoClean aquarium is ideal for people on the go who have very little time to sit and clean their aquarium.

7. AquaSprouts Garden

If you are looking for a bigger self cleaning tank and also want to create aquaponics, then AquaSports Garden can be a suitable option. It Comes with 10-gallon capacity. The cleaning process is also very simple; the plants naturally take care of that.

Additionally, you can grow many veggies, herbs, plants in this tank. The fish will fertilize, and the plants and the AquaSproits garden will fit any regular 10-gallon tanks.

My Rating- it can be easily rated 5/5


AquaSprouts has a 28 x 8 x 17 inches dimension and comes at a weight of 24 pounds.


  • The light mount is easy to remove, and you can put a 2-feet grow light.
  • It comes with a growing media which can serve you for many years.
  • The customer support is very quick and helpful.
  • You will get a garden kit when you buy this kit.
  • The Submersible pump that comes with it has a flow rate of 160 gph.
  • The tank can be ideal for angelfish, tetras, and bettas.


  • The setup isn’t that easy, and it is helpful that you read the instructions from their website properly.

Our thoughts on AquaSprouts Garden Self Cleaning Fish Tank

AquaSprouts is an ideal choice for people who want to grow a small garden and keep fishes and that too, without any additional stress. The process is very easy, your fishes will fertilize the plants, and in return, the plants will clean the water. You can just sit around, relax, and watch the beauty of this tank.

What to look for before buying the best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Before you actually start to search for the bests self cleaning fish tanks, it is important that you know how to find the best self cleaning fish tanks.

1. Capacity

You should properly consider the capacity of the fish tank. You should not just buy a self cleaning tank just because you like the design. There are generally two reasons why you should be considering the capacity of the fish tank.

The first reason is pretty simple; if you aim to keep a huge number of fishes, then you must go for a tank with a larger capacity, which is above 10 gallons or more. However, if you wish to keep only a few numbers, then you can get a tank with a capacity below 10 gallons.

The Second reason is You must look for the place where you will keep the tank. If you have a larger area, choose a large tank. On the other hand, if you wish to keep the aquarium on your small desktop space, then go for smaller tanks.

2. Shape

 An aquarium’s shape factor is, for the most part, thought to be because of feel. ​Cube or cuboid tanks are standard, and, in this manner, nothing stands apart about their shape.

However, there are many tasks that come with different shapes; you can check out a few of the self cleaning tanks that I mentioned above.

3. Type

Self cleaning tanks mainly come in two types; Gravity based and aquaponics or water garden approach. I have discussed in detail about both types at the very top of this review guide.

But, in general, the aquaponics setup is more expensive, saying that it better to get this set up if you can afford it. But, no need to worry if your budget is low, gravity-based tanks also works pretty well.

4. Build Type

 Typically, fish tanks are made using either Glass or Acrylic.

Acrylic is very modest, solid, and a lot lighter than glass. This is the reason it is extremely simple to move acrylic tanks around the house. Be that as it may, lowquality acrylic will, in general, blur after some time and influences the clearness of the aquarium’s view all things considered.

On the other hand, ​the glass material is clear and doesn’t stain after some time. This implies you will get great perspectives on the aquarium all through its lifetime. In any case, ​glass tanks are costly, substantial, and ​require cautious taking care of.

If you ask about my opinion, I will suggest you go for a glass aquarium, if you are sure that your house doesn’t have any other kids or pets and you can take care of the safety.

5. Accessories

 Self cleaning fish tanks normally come with many different types of accessories, and it is always a plus that you can get mostly get everything that you will need to start your aquarium. But, make sure to check out the tank before buying whether you will get everything in the kit or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, I covered and discussed mostly everything that you need to know regarding self cleaning fish tanks, but even after that, it is common to have some queries in your mind regarding self cleaning tanks. So, down below, I will answer a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding self cleaning fish tanks.

1. Should I use aquatic plants?

Answer: Definitely yes, and if you especially have bettas in your tank, then aquatic plants will make your tank look more pleasing.

You can either choose plastic or real plants. There is a significant discussion on this issue on the web, and to get a precise thought, you can Google what other aquarium clients are stating.

But, if you are a beginner or are going to gift your kid an aquarium, then taking care of aquatic plants can be quite difficult. So, in this situation, it is better not to get involved with aquatic plants.

2. What sort of fish should I keep in my selfcleaning tank?

 Answer: Since self-cleaning fish tanks are little in size, the best fish to have in them are little tropical fish, for example, goldfish, betta, white cloud minnow, and bloodfin tetra.

Nonetheless, ensure that you just put a couple of them, or even only one, on the grounds that the volume may be too little to even think about accommodating more than one fish.

3. How can I keep the water warm and at the perfect temperature?

Answer:  To keep your water at a perfect temperature, you can just simply buy a submersible heater. You can leave the rest in the hands of the heater. But make sure to check the heater’s capacity and your tank because every heater won’t be sufficient for larger tanks.

4. Is it advisable as a beginner to get a selfcleaning fish tank?

Answer: They are appropriate for amateurs. They are the best for learners in light of the fact that such individuals may be distracted or even careless of the obligations related to fish keeping.

This implies if the tank requires a ton of consideration, such an individual may make the fish bite the dust or live in helpless conditions. In any case, with self-cleaning fish tanks, the tank will take care of itself without any help from the user.


Fish tanks are getting innovated daily with the introduction of new technologies; fish tanks came in a long way, and these self cleaning fish tanks made fishkeeping easier for everyone. As an aquarist myself, I have done my research correctly before giving all of you the list of these seven self cleaning fish tanks, which for me are the best self cleaning fish tanks, and these stand out above from the rest of their competition. Whether you are looking for a tiny tank or a larger one, I got all of the categories covered above.

Not only that, but I have also discussed everything that you need to know. Make sure to read the buying guide properly to pick out the best self cleaning tank that matches your requirements.

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