The Best Toys and Decoration Ideas for Betta Fish (2023 Reviews)

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Bettas are intelligent and curious fish and believe it or not they do get bored. So you need to find some best toys and decorations for Betta fish to keep them entertained. They love toys and decorations, and it helps them to stay stimulated, happy, and active.

A bored Betta fish is more likely to suffer from stress or depression, which can have some serious impact on their health. Don’t be amazed if you see them doing fin nipping. Complete boredom can make them do strange things.

Keeping them entertained will also be useful for their health as they will be more active. It may sound silly for you that Betta fish need to do exercise, but the reality is, they need to keep their muscle strong enough to carry their massive fins. Otherwise, their muscle and bones can become fragile, and they can become droopy. Getting some best toys and decorations for Betta fish will make your fish live much more comfortably.

The bond between the owner and its pet is highly vital. An active Betta fish will have a strong bond with you, and stimulating will surely help to keep the fish in good health. Betta fish can recognize and their owners, and once you start to interact with them, they will be less shy with you. They can do a lot of things to surprise you.

Benefits of Toys and Decorations for Betta Fish

Let’s discuss the benefits of keeping some of the best toys and decorations for betta fish in the tank.

Activity for Betta Fish

Just like humans, Betta fish can get bored because of less or no activity. You might be tempted to get a friend for your fish when you see him swimming aimlessly and doing nothing most of the time. This is a bad idea, and you should never try it.

Betta fish are highly aggressive and territorial. Bettas fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and they do not get along with newcomers. However, being alone all the time with no activity will have negative impacts as well.

As it is challenging to bring new fishes to the tank, you might want to make the current environment for Betta fish more entertaining. You can do this by adding the best toys and decorations for betta fish. In this way, your fish will get all the benefits of activities and exercise without injuring or killing other fishes.

Bettas Love Hiding Spots

Betta fish spend their early lives in small containers, no bigger than 1 cup. Betta fish can be scared when they are added to a new large aquarium. It can be intimidating for them, so they love to hide. Betta fish get opportunities to hide when you add unique decorations to the tank. It allows them to become used to the surroundings slowly. It is excellent for your betta fish well being.

Bettas usually hide in the wild too. They love to hide under shipwrecks, top of leaves, and underneath logs. They love to play and hide and seek might be their game. Some natural concealers can make a great addition to the tank for this purpose.

Bettas Love Lounging on Leaves

You can boost your Betta fish happiness by simply leaving some foliage and hammock leaves in the tank. Bettas love the leaves and hanging around them in the wild. Most often, they rest on naturally grown plants and charge their energy. They benefit from tannins and minerals provided by marine greenery.

Train Your Betta to do Tricks

There is a chance that you do not know, but Betta fish can be trained to do tricks. They are highly intelligent and loves to learn. You can easily teach them some tricks to surprise your friends and family. Fish toys play a vital role in helping Bettas to learn tricks.

Hoops and ping pong balls can be added to the tank to teach your fish some entertaining tricks. There are so many benefits to teach them tricks. It will help your Betta fish to stay active and keep in good health. It will also make your bond with Betta a lot stronger as your fish will begin to trust you.

Best Toys and Decoration Ideas for Betta Fish

Choosing some of the best toys and decorations for betta fish is not hard. We are providing you with a list to make it easier for you.


Betta fish loves to flare their beards and strut their stuff in front of mirrors, and they get the required amount of exercise by doing this. Place a mirror inside the tank and wait for the show. They will soon realize their reflection and will start to wiggle their bodies and flare their beards.

There is a precaution you should take. Do not exceed this activity for more than five minutes as some fishes stress out very quickly. If there is another betta nearby, then you can totally ignore this activity as they will be flaring in front of them anyway. Use your judgment and make the decision that suits your fish better.

Floating Betta Log

Most of the people call this the best toy for Betta. It is a hollow log with large openings on both sides. The log is generally made out of natural wood and does not harm your fish in any way. Do not worry about Betta scraping against the sides, which they will as the floating log is designed to protect your fish and prevent any injuries.

You will find your Betta inside of these logs a lot of time as they love to spend time there. These log floats, as their name suggests, so you can enjoy your fish beauty even when they are inside. It is unlike some other aquarium caves where fishes are hidden from your view.

There is another benefit of this floating décor. It cuts down the water flow strength in the tank. If your filter is powerful, there may be a strong water flow that is going to stress out Betta. This log provides Betta with pockets of calm water to escape and relax.


Bettas are like little explorers. They also love to poke their head inside everything. Caves give Betta to swim around them and play. Besides, they are a perfect spot for hiding. Bettas love to swim around bridges, go under the caves, and it keeps them entertained and busy for long periods.

There are lots of caves you can buy to decorate your Betta fish tank, but you should be careful about the openings of the cave. Make sure the edges are not sharp as Betta will surely brush against the sides, and it can seriously hurt them.

Bed Leaf Hammock

A bed leaf hammock can be stuck on a wall of the aquarium by using a suction cup, and Betta loves them. It is a perfect place for Betta to get some rest, and they can easily go to the surface to inhale some air. If you buy this for Betta, you will notice that your fish spends most of the time lying on it. It could have become the best toy and decoration for Betta fish.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping pong balls might not be the best toy and decoration for Betta fish, and surely it will not keep the fish entertained for hours. But you will find your Betta fish pushing these floating balls from time to time, so just let it float in the tank.

Best Plants for Betta Fish

Thick and lanky plants are ideal for Betta fish. The long leaves allow the fish to hide behind them. Some stem plants are the best to keep in the tank, such as Cabomba and Green Rotala. These plants can thrive in the aquarium LED light. Amazon Sword is another right choice because of its long leaves as Betta fish likes to be near the surface to gulp air from time to time. Read our other article to know more about the best plants for bettas!

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Balls has a lot of benefits, and they are very easy to care for. They would benefit an aquarium just like any other live plant. Marimo moss balls offer a green and natural place, which is an excellent hiding spot for Betta.

You will find your Betta swimming around them most of the time as they love to play with these small cute things. Marimo moss balls are known to absorb waste in the Betta tank. This trait will help you in the water change. With a long list of benefits, Marimo moss balls surely can not be ignored when it comes to the best toys and decoration for Betta fish.

Plastic Plants for Aquarium

When choosing artificial plants for Betta tank, be careful. The plastic plant often has sharp edges on the leaves, and it is not suitable for the fish. Remember, Betta fish loves to hind and will try to scrape against the plant, so if the leaves are stiff, Betta is going to get injured without a doubt.


You can make a simple toy at home for your Betta fish. Cut a piece of thread and dip it in the tank water. Your Betta will surely become curious about it and might start to nip it. Move the thread along the surface of the tank and see your Betta fish chasing it.

You can dip the thread in water with some bloodworms which will stick to the thread. Betta fish will love to jump on its meal when you hover it on in the tank. Make sure you have a hood on the tank as Betta might jump out after playtime is over.

White Board Markers

This toy will only work if you do not mind writing on the walls of the tank. A whiteboard marker is a fun way to interact with your Betta fish. You can draw some shapes on the outside wall and wait for Betta to chase it or flare at them. It is a possibility that your Betta might ignore the effort, but it is worth a shot, and once you are done, you can easily erase it.

Brown Leaves

Brown leaves provide shelter for your Betta fish. They leave minerals in the water and help Betta to heal while they rest. Brown leaves recreate the natural habitat for Betta, and it is a great source to reduce stress in fish while playing around them.

Within 15 to 30 minutes of adding these leaves in the tank, they start to release tannins, which help to heal Betta. Your fish will love to nib on them, rest and eve lay eggs on these leaves. These brown leaves are essential for both hobbyists and breeders because they help in reproduction.

Train Your Betta to Swim Through Hoops

Toys are a great source to teach some tricks to your Betta. You can find hundreds of videos online on how to train your betta to swim through hoops or to follow your finger. They are keen learners and always welcome a chance to learn something new. This is another way to keep your Betta active, and spending a few minutes to teach them this trick will help them to remember it.

Swimming through hoops could be the first trick you teach your Betta. It does not require a lot of teaching and can quickly be learned by Betta. You can readily buy the hoops in many sizes online and in pet stores. Hoops works both as a toy and a learning opportunity.

Train Your Betta to Jump

Train your Betta to jump. It is another exciting way to play with the fish and keep the Betta in a healthy and fit condition. By holding food just above the surface of the water when feeding, you can teach your Betta to jump out of the water. This is a fun way to feed your Betta, and it will make your and the fish bond stronger.

Be careful when you try to teach this trick and always put a hood on a tank. Otherwise, you might find Betta jumping out of the water without the need for food.


If lights are placed around the tank. Betta will love to interact with them. The light of your mobile is even enough to make Betta curious and will gain the interest of the fish. If you are unable to teach your Betta to follow the finger, then try it with light. Betta is more likely to follow a light as it is more evident to the fish.

Coconut Betta Hut

This is another best toy and decoration for Betta fish. It is made of coconut shell and provides a relaxing place for your Betta when it is feeling anxious. It works almost the same as the log, where Betta loves to move around it and hide inside. Make sure to make the edges and sides of the coconut shell smooth before you put it in a tank to avoid a risk of injury. While it is a good toy and decoration piece, without care, it can become dangerous for your fish.

Tips for Choosing Best Toys and Decorations for Betta Fish

When buying some best toys and decorations for Betta fish, there are few things you need to keep in mind. Safety of the Betta should be your priority as some toys or decorations can easily cause an injury to the fish. Let’s dig in to find out what are the tips for choosing the best toys and decorations for Betta fish.

Check for Sharp or Rough Edges

Sharp edges should always be avoided. You can find sharp edges mostly on the logs or caves. You should properly inspect for any sharp edges as Betta is going to brush the edges while swimming or hiding. Scratching of fins and damage of skin is quite frequent because of toys and decorations.


Always quarantine your fish before you add any new toy or decoration piece inside the tank. This process will make sure that your fish stays healthy and safe by restricting the transmission of any disease or parasite. In an ideal situation, you should do this for 1 to 2 weeks.

Final Words

It is not very hard to provide the best toys and decorations for your Betta fish. You need to make sure that your Betta remains safe. Betta loves to scrape around objects, and any sharp edge is going to cause an injury. Make sure you spend time with your Betta to connect. Playing with them and teaching them tricks is a beautiful way to make a bond with your fish.

Remember not to put stress on your Betta while you are teaching or playing with it. They can get stressed very easily. If you feel that they are not in the right mood and might be anxious or stressed, then skip the activity altogether. Always be the responsible one and do not put the fisk at risk in any situation.

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