Do Betta Fish Make Noise? Everything You Need To Know

Do you often hear weird noises coming from your fish tank and wonder if it’s the betta who’s making them? Well, guess what, you’re not alone. Strange noises from the fish tank are a common thing that people with fish tanks encounter.

So, do betta fish make noises? Yes. Betta fish do make noises. You might get to hear a variety of different sounds from a tank of betta fish. They make various types of sounds in various situations. And don’t worry, it is hardly an alarming sign.

Curious to know more? We know you are. We don’t want to keep you wondering why betta fish make noise if it’s something they want to tell you. You’ll get the answers to all your curiosities. Just stay with us till the end!

Is it Normal for Betta Fish to Make Noise?

It is absolutely normal for betta fish to make noises. There is nothing to get scared about. Rather it might be a matter of concern if your betta stops making the noises it used to. If you have a tank full of other fishes, it is hard to figure out which fish is making noises and which isn’t.

However, if you’re owning a tank solely dedicated to betta fish, you will more likely observe these sounds coming from them. And why won’t they? It’s not only humans who talk. Every animal has their own way of expressing itself. But like they can’t understand ours, we don’t understand theirs.

Though there are a few common situations in which people assume betta fishes make sounds, by observing them more deeply. We will be revealing some of them to you to help you know your beloved pet fishes more. So, let’s get going.

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Why Do Betta Fish Make Noise?

Through careful observations and joining several dots, many enthusiastic people made several assumptions about betta fish making these noises. And some of them are predictable. We bet you have thought about them too.

Such as betta fishes tend to make noises when they are hungry. Every animal has this innate habit of creating different noises when they are hungry. And so, it is one of the obvious assumptions of most people. Though it is not always accurate. The reason can be different.

But yes, by spending more time around your fish tank, you will be able to identify some of the signature sounds that they make in some particular scenarios. Not necessarily it has to be the same in the case of all betta fishes.

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Types of Noise Betta Fish Can Make

As we said, the noises coming from a betta fish don’t always sound the same. They vary from situation to situation and time to time depending on the mood of your fish. So, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly made noises by betta fish. So that, you don’t anxious the next time you hear these sounds.

Clicking Sounds

Clicking is the most usual noise you’ll hear from a betta fish. The betta fish clicks in a bit slow and quiet manner. This makes people confused about whether it’s actually making the noise or is it something just in their head.

The fact is, betta fishes are too small to make a loud clicking noise. Because most people observing betta fish closely assume that they are making these noises by grinding their tiny teeth or their jaw while closing and opening their mouth frequently. And the clicking noise is also believed to be a sign of the fish being hungry. Though it might not always be true.

Popping Sounds

These sounds are usually heard from the betta fish when they are close to the water surface. These sounds are much more likely muted when they are below the water surface. Besides that, the popping sound is also heard when the betta fish pops their lips close to the glass of the tank.

This is because the betta fish is continuously moving its lips for different purposes like feeding and breathing. So, these sounds are created when the fish moves its lips and jaws at some specific level of water surface tension.

Crunching Sounds

There have been several events where people having betta fish in a tank experienced a strong and scary crunching sound from it. Yes, you heard it right. But don’t get too scared yet. This crunching sound though is a bit usual and isn’t a sign of danger most of the time.

Especially, when you have snails in the tank. Because betta fish apparently likes biting on hard shells of snails with their tiny set of teeth. It might sound bizarre that such a small creature makes such powerful sounds with their teeth, but yap, it does happen.

Splashing Sound

The splashing sound is a pretty basic and expected sound from any kind of fish, especially those that are as active as betta fish. Since betta fishes are quite active, they like to swim around the tank and move quickly nodding their tails and fins. These are one of the main reasons behind the splashing sound coming from fishes.

However, many times betta fish also want to jump inside the water or over the surface of the water. Especially, after you deliver food inside the tank. This can also be a cause behind quite a loud splashing noise.

Bubbling Sounds

Many times, you’ll hear bubbling sounds coming from your betta fish. Besides the sound, you might also be able to see them form air bubbles. The wild types of bettas are more tend to do that. The reason behind this is thought to be to provide air rich in oxygen for their eggs and hatchlings.

Because the wild types of bettas usually prefer to remain in shallow water with little oxygen. But for the proper development of the betta eggs, water rich in oxygen are important. And so, bubbling is a process the betta carries out to compensate for the deficiency of oxygen in shallow water.

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Can Betta Fish Hear Other Noises?

If you think that as the fishes don’t have ears, they won’t be able to hear sounds from outside, you’re dead wrong. They might not have ears like us, but they have a different physical mechanism through which they collect and feel the vibrations of sound. So, they can hear noises from other fishes inside the tank as well as noises you make outside the tank.

Do Betta Fish Respond to Noises from Outside?

Yes, betta fishes, being a very active kind, responds to noises from outside. This is more observant in female betta fishes. They are more responsive and tend to move and lean towards the tank glass when they hear noises from outside.

Is Betta Fish Fond of Sounds?

Just because betta fishes respond to sounds, don’t be mistaken to take it as their fondness. The response to the sounds from outside is usually more due to the increasing level of stress in betta fish for too many sound vibrations. Increasing stress level is harmful to betta fish as well as other fishes sharing the tank with it.

Can a Betta Fish Recognize Your Voice?

Many people believe that with time and spending years with the owner, betta fishes start recognizing the voice of their owner and respond to their name by identifying the vibrations in the water. But many fish experts believe that it is a myth and far from possible.

Can You Talk to a Betta Fish?

Not really, unless you have a superpower. Just think about it, will you be able to understand accurately what your fish is saying, no matter how much you try? You won’t. Even if you do, that would most probably be your imagination or guesswork. So, how can you expect this little creature with such a small intelligence to get your words? But imagining they’re talking to you isn’t bad as well.

Do Betta Fish Make Noise When They Feel Lonely?

Betta fish is a territorial fish. They tend to fight with other fishes and often even kill others. But yes, their territorial nature also makes them pretty bored when they are alone, as they don’t have anyone to fight to. However, there isn’t any evidence of bettas making noises for feeling lonely. Though you might hear them yawn or sigh sometimes.

Is Making Noises a Sign of a Happy Betta Fish?

Yes, you can say that. Because the usual noises indicate that your fish is active in the tank. Lack of frequent noises and movements might be a sign of concern for a fish as active as a betta.

Final Words

The various noises betta fish make might sound weird initially. But gradually, you’ll get more used to them, and like other experienced betta owners, you’ll have your own philosophy on why betta fish make noise. Don’t forget to share it with us!

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