Can Betta fish live with Guppies

Can Betta fish live with Guppies? [Complete Guide]

Bettas and Guppies are very well known fishes for aquarium keepers. People love to keep Bettas and Guppies as their pets. But can Betta fish and Guppies live together? In this article, we will discuss if Betta fish can live …

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Do Betta Fish Get Lonely

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely? Here You Go!

The Siamese fighting fish also known as the betta is a very popular fish for the aquarium enthusiasts. Southeast Asia is where you will find Bettas. It used to live in rice fields, warm flood plains, and water drainage ditches. The …

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Do Betta Fish Like Light

Do Betta Fish Like Light? Let’s Find Out!

Right from the start, artificial light played a major role in how bettas are raised. But, do betta fish like light? How do they react to sunlight? Do they need light? What impact does sunlight have on them? what are …

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do betta fish sleep

Do Betta Fish Sleep? [The Complete Guide]

Asides the complexity in the dynamism behind the inhabitation of the male and female betta fish, what else is worth knowing about your betta fish? Well, there are lots of other questions that need to be answered, one of which …

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betta fish with snails

Do Bettas Need A Filter? [The Complete Guide]

If you are an aquarium enthusiast, you must’ve heard about Betta. It is a charming and elegant fish that loves to roam all over the aquarium. Most beginners like to have it as their first pet fish. They buy it …

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What is the Best Tank Size for Betta Fish

What is the Best Tank Size for Betta Fish?

If you are here to know the best tank size for betta fish, then you are in the right place. We will discuss everything related to the topic “What is the best tank size for betta fish” So let’s get …

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