can goldfish see in the dark

Can Goldfish See in The Dark?

Goldfish is probably the first choice for any beginner fish owners. The vivid color and shape of this species attract people quite easily. There is another interesting thing about this goldfish, their eyesight. Goldfish has pretty sharp eyesight, and in …

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do goldfish need a filter

Do Goldfish Need a Filter To Live?

Your little friend swimming inside the tank needs to live healthy and in a better way. And this must be a big concern for goldfish owners out there. One of the most common confusions that surround a new goldfish owner …

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how many goldfish per gallon tank

How Many Goldfish Can Fit in Per Gallon Tank?

One of the most beautiful creatures of this world is goldfish. There are probably very few people who didn’t keep goldfish as a pet once in their life. So are you are someone who just bought a goldfish or thinking …

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do goldfish need an air pump

Do Goldfish Need An Air Pump? Let’s Find Out!

Goldfish are colorful, shiny, and one of the most common fishes among aquarium enthusiasts. It comes from the carp family (Cyprinidae) native to East Asia, even so, goldfish have been introduced into numerous other areas. If you are a new …

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How Long Can Goldfish Live Without Food

How Long Can Goldfish Live Without Food?

You might be planning to go on a business trip or a holiday vacation and wondering how long can a Goldfish live without food. We obviously do not want you to starve your Goldfish, but just sometimes, you cannot be …

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Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish

Can Betta Fish Live With Goldfish?

Both Goldfish and betta fish are two of the most popular tank fish out there. Their only competitor for popularity would be the Plecostomus catfish which is also a beautiful fish to own. The two are undoubtedly not only the …

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