how long do pet stores keep betta fish

How Long Do Pet Stores Keep Betta Fish?

Do you ever get curious about how long your betta fish stayed in the pet store and in what condition they were kept? Well, this is not an unusual question popping into the minds of tank fish owners. After all, …

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Can You Put A Male And Female Betta Fish Together

Can You Put A Male And Female Betta Fish Together?

The Betta fish, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the popular fish out there, especially one of the fish that’s worth keeping at home. But one pertinent question that’s been asked by most people who have …

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How to Keep a Betta Fish Happy

How to Keep a Betta Fish Happy and Healthy

Betta fish regularly attract aquarium hobbyists. Most of them think they can do well by buying a tiny cube as an aquarium and a plastic plant as decoration. But that is not true at all. There are lots of myths …

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happy betta fish

What Human Food Can Betta Fish Eat?

Who doesn’t know about our very friendly Betta fish? It has attractive colors and is also called Siamese Fighting Fish. It is a great primary pet. The Betta fish need some specific dietary and nutritional necessities for any pet which …

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