Do Goldfish Need An Air Pump? Let’s Find Out!

Goldfish are colorful, shiny, and one of the most common fishes among aquarium enthusiasts. It comes from the carp family (Cyprinidae) native to East Asia, even so, goldfish have been introduced into numerous other areas.

If you are a new goldfish owner, you might think if your goldfish needs an air pump. No worries. In this article, we are going to discuss if you should get an air pump for your lovely new pet and a lot more helpful stuff. So let’s get started!

Most fish tanks will not require an air pump to keep the goldfish healthy. There are some situations where it is necessary. However, the air bubbles from the air pump can produce more oxygenated water. Adding the air pumps are a good way to ensure that a lot of water will be breaking up the surface and that you will have adequate oxygen for both your fish and the cleaning filter. But not all the fish tank requires the air pump. It depends on the size of the tank, how many goldfish you have. If you have a filter, you are in a good starting position.

How Does An Air Pump Work?

Almost everyone is fearful, of what an air pump is. but people muddle up an air pump with a filter. A filter is a chunk of a tool that draws water through filter media to remove waste from the water.

The air pump does not filter the water. It simply an illusion into the water. The air pump sends air across the tube and out of the small holes to air stones inside the aquarium tank.

Air Stones

Air stones are also called air bubbles items that are placed at the bottom of the fish tank and serve as a vent for the air pump. Bubbles are connected to the pump via an air tube. It is common for air stones to be ornamental hence come in different shapes beautifying the fish tank. Therefore, the bubbles you choose will depend on the fish tank.

Importance Of An Air Pump For Fishes

An air pump for fishes have three main importance:

  1. Air pump pumps bubbles to the water which adds oxygen and helps to break up the surface of the water adding more oxygen in and making it oxygen-enriched.
  2. Air pumps also force the water to distribute therefore even supplying more oxygen in the water.
  3. If the surface of the water is not broken up enough by the filter, the carbon dioxide can increase, and then fish can start dying.

Do Goldfish Really Need An Air Pump?

A new goldfish caretaker often sees air pumps in the goldfish tank and suppose that they are strictly needed. But it may surprise to perceive that all illusion bubbles from the air do not likely add more oxygen to the water.  It is a distraction at the surface that helps to diffuse oxygen into the water. In most cases, enough interactions will be caused by the current from your filter to get loads of oxygen into the water. This oxygen will ensure your fish to breathe easily.

Surface Agitation And Gas Exchange For Aquarium

Yes, there are some situations when the air pump is needed to provide enough oxygen.

  • Your water seems very static, and your filter is not causing more surface movement.
  • Your tank has a minor surface area. A long shallow tank will have a sizeable surface area then a tall extensive tank, while early described that the surface is where the most oxygen is entering into your water appropriately, you should add an air pump to maximize the surface area.
  • When the water temperature is high because hot water does not contain a lot of oxygen particles than cool water.

What Does An Air Pump Do In Fish Tank

An air pump is a device used to add air in a fish tank and help to circulate oxygen around. It also helps to create the water movement which replicates rivers, which keeps the flow in movement, the resulting bubbles create an elegant aquarium atmosphere.
Air pumps move air using an electromagnet to vibrate. In this process, the air pump will pump the air from the outside pass through the water. They create the movement in the fish tank. The more surface movement in the water has the air more outside the tank which means, more oxygen gets into the tank.

Can GoldFish Survive Without The Air pump?

Fish get their oxygen by filtering it out of the water with their gills. It is essential to have an air pump to refill the amount taken from the water. But it is good to note that the air pump does not directly add oxygen in the water, they would rather improve the water circulation which then increases the water-air contact.

Luckily as described, there are different other ways you can aerate the fish tank which means fish can survive without the air pump because they are not depending on it. Mostly an air pump is necessary. If you have lots of fish in your aquarium or fish tank, you should get one soon!

Aspiratory System Of Gold Fish?

Although the goldfish do not have lungs, it does not mean they do not require oxygen to live. While in reality, they want loads of oxygen. They are energetic, and busy fish, swimming, and search all day so they want a lot of oxygen to fuel this behavior.
They take water across their mouth then the water passes above an organ called a rake where oxygen went. The water is sucked up into the bloodstream used to keep cells and organs functioning properly.


Purpose Of An Air Pump In A Goldfish Tank

There are different reasons that you want to introduce an air pump into the fish tank.

  • For Fell And Appearance Of Fish Tank

There is something very soothing about watching bubbles floating to the top of the tank. Maybe it is something about the mixing of water and air in the tank that attracts attention.

  • To Operate A Corner Filter or Protein Skimmer

There are some types of filter and protein skimmer that require air pumps to run. In this way, you would get the benefits of both functionality and appearance.

  • To Increase Water Agitation At The Surface.

By increase, water agitation will increase the amount of oxygen in the tank. We use an air pump with air stones or some other type of display for air tubing you can also do agitation on the surface.

  • For Decoration Looks And Functionality

Fish tanks also embellishing and having air pumped into them. Mostly use treasure chests that open and close because the air being pumped.

  • An Air Pump Can Be Used For Dead Marks

There should not be a mark in a fish tank where water tends to sit still longer than other areas. An air pump assures this not to occur in the tank.

Advantages Of Using An Air Pump In Your Goldfish Tank

  • Crack The Tension

Surface anxiety that bubbles disturb the water on the outside of the fish tank and making it much uncomplicated for the exchange of gasses to come about.

  • Moveable Water Is Good For Goldfish

Water at the base tank with no movement can become slow with a small method of nutrients or oxygen. When passing this dead water into the peak of the rank, it will become aerate.

  • Adding Oxygen Directly To The Water

Adding oxygen directly to the water is not as important as the oxygen, carbon dioxide exchange that happens on the surface forcing oxygen bubbles into the water still gives fish more oxygen to breathe easily.

  • Bubbles Adorable

Bubbles look good, and it is a reason to keep a fish tank in our living rooms. Nobody wants to stare at a dirty tank for shortly but an aquarium that is soft with healthy fish and sparkling goodness.

  • Increases oxygen

The use of an air pump with an air stone will create thousands of little oxygen bubbles that drive huge amounts of oxygen directly into the water tank. Oxygen is essential for all living things in your aquarium including the fish, plants, and even for the bacteria that are crucial for the overall health of your entire ecosystem.


Can Goldfish Live In The Fish Bowl Without Air Pump?

Bowls are very small. That means the water movement on the surface is minimal. A waste from goldfish is accumulated very fast and the water turns sludgy and reducing the movements at the surface even more.

An air pump will be more helpful. Check the temperature of the water, and the movement on the surface to know the right time to supply more oxygen for goldfish.

Fish Tank Air Pump Vs Filter

The first thing in mind is, does filter is the same as an air pump? An aquarium filter is different from an air pump however their roles sometimes overlap.

A filter cleans the water in the tank by passing it through different filter modes before putting the water back to the tank.

An air pump just pumps the air. It is unseen and air stones or plastic tubing which are connected to the air pump. The air stones then sit at the bottom of the tank which bowls the air causing bubbles when connected to the air pump

Can goldfish breathe without an air pump?

Air pumps force oxygen into the tank by increasing the surface agitation, so fish have a lot of oxygen to breath in. In many cases, tank inhabitants do not need extra oxygen and just live fine without an air pump. But in medication or a certain type of filter, the extra oxygen from the air pump becomes an essential requirement.

Size Of An Air Pump For A GoldFish Tank

Air pumps like everything else are in different sizes. Air pump manufactures are very helpful and place the size of the aquarium there pumps will be appropriate. For almost 90% of all home aquarium, an almost size pump will work just fine. The pump has a hard time pumping the air through the tubing, and then, down underwater out the air stones against the pressure of the water.

Choosing The Right Air Pump

There is no definite rule for choosing an air pump. Some air pumps are rated for the different sizes of the tank. There are some recommendations have in mind while choosing an air pump for an aquarium.

  1. Chose an air pump according to the size of the aquarium, if the aquarium is tall then, you need to get a particular deep water air pump.
  2. The more resistance the things you are press air through have to the air the bigger an air pump you will require.

How To Increase Oxygen In A Goldfish Tank

One of the best ways to increase oxygen in the tank is to increase the aspect area of the aquarium. Enlarge the surface trouble or water movement on the outside to disband and more carbon dioxide to get off. You can add fresh oxygen by adding an air pump.

How To Aerate Water Without A Pump

Having good aeration in the fish tank is crucial. Just like humans, fish need air in the water to breathe. Without oxygen dissolved in water, fish cannot breathe which is of course not a good thing at all. Although getting enough aeration going to an aquarium can be a little tricky, especially when you do not have an air pump.


Even though goldfish be very small and taking care is not very but proper A good quality diet is both necessary to give them a healthy and long life. As we all know air pumps can increase the oxygen level for goldfish in water, which may increase the lives of goldfish. By using air pumps and filters you can dramatically improve the water climate of an aquarium. After oxygenation the water, you will ensure that you have provided fish enough food so that they can live a longer life. Avoid keeping many goldfish in one tank because they will ultimately cause insufficiency of oxygen and other vital resources in the tank.

FAQ: Where do Goldfish come from?

In Japan, the goldfish were introduced in 1603. In Portugal and other parts of Europe, goldfish were firstly introduced in 1611. Goldfish is the common name for freshwater Fish (Carassius auratus) of crap family. One of the earliest fish to be tamed in China over 1000 years ago.

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