How Long Can Betta Fish Live Without Food?

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As a proud owner of a Betta fish, what is the most worrying thing for you? Yes, going on vacation. You go on vacation, and you have no one to ask to come and feed your fish? Since you cannot take them with you (this is strongly inadvisable), you may wonder How long can Betta fish live without food. At the risk of surprise, the answer is Yes! They can live without food for some time.

Let’s check out our answers and explanations!

How Long Can Betta Fish Live Without Food?

Generally, most fishes can survive without eating for 10 to 12 days. Betta fish can live up to 14 days without eating. So, if you go on a short vacation, you do not have to worry about your fish.  Although this timeline is dangerous and avoiding is better. This time range is not constant. This time of survival depends on some factors, from physical to environmental. Not all the fish have the same resistance.

Factors Determining The Survival Of Your Betta Fish

If you go on vacation for one to two weeks, you will have to take into account several factors to make sure that your fish can survive without food.

The diet of fish

Depending on the species your fish belong to, their diet can be omnivorous, carnivorous, herbivorous or limivorous. Omnivorous fish eat plants and other animals. Predatory fish consume only other animals.

As for herbivorous fish, they eat plants and seaweed. Finally, the limivorous fish feed mainly on the organic matter contained in the mud. These are also very useful in an aquarium since they can help keep it clean.

Betta fish are carnivorous fish. In general, predatory fish can survive longer without eating than other fish. Indeed, in nature, they do not necessarily catch prey every day. For this reason, Betta fish can live longer without food.

The size of the fish

More substantial fish can generally last longer than other fish. Indeed, their body mass being more critical; they manage to store more fat. Betta fish over 10 cm can often survive for up to 2 weeks without eating.

As for the smaller Betta fish, they should not stay more than a week without food.

The age of the fish

The older a fish is, the longer it can survive without eating. Indeed, old fish often have fat reserves. In contrast, baby fish can not stay more than a day or two without eating.

The age of the aquarium

This is one of the most critical factors. The survival rate largely depends on the age of the aquarium. If an aquarium has had a well-balanced environment for a long time, the Betta fish that live there can survive longer without eating than fish from a new aquarium.

In fact, not only do the fish get along well, but they are also perfectly acclimatized to their aquarium.

How To Feed Your Betta Fish During The Holidays?

If you must go on vacation, there are three possibilities:

First possibility: someone can feed your Betta fish in your place while you are away on a trip. In this case, assuming that a person does not know this area, the best is to invite to show him.

For example, show him how much to feed your fish and explain to him that too much is worse than not enough! You can even wrap some small pieces of aluminum foil as an example. This is to avoid coming back from vacation and seeing your fish on the back or getting a scary phone call!

Always leave a short list of instructions next to the aquarium so that the person who will come to your home find it easy. Your neighbor should not feed your fish twice a day necessarily since the portions will probably be generous.

Second possibility: the automatic food dispenser for fish allows us to distribute a more or less regular amount of flakes or granules x times per day. Test several times the quantity that will be distributed before leaving.

Some of these devices are quite imprecise. Place in the compartment the number of granules or flakes needed during the time corresponding to your vacation but no more. Remember, during the holidays, less food is better than too much food, mainly because it will not be possible to change the water during this time.

If you are going to buy an automatic feeder for your fish, I will recommend Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit. I have been using it for the last 2 years and it really serves the purpose. You can buy it on Amazon from here.

Third possibility: Holiday blocks. In general, this method is not the favorite for betta fish because they tend to jump on it and grope themselves by eating them in record time. Do not overdose, use the vacation block corresponding to the number of fish and days of absence.

What To Do If You Can’t Feed Your Betta Fish?

Now, if any of the possibilities mentioned above are unavailable, you are left with only one option. Keep your fish without food. There are several things to do before you go on vacation to make sure that even without food, your fish will stay healthy.

Reduce the temperature of the water by a few degrees to slow down the metabolism of the fish. This reduces their need for food.

Limit the daily amount of light in the aquarium. With a timer, you can set the aquarium to enjoy 6 hours of light a day instead of 12 hours. This will limit the activity of the fish. They will burn fewer calories, which will restrict their hunger.

Wrapping up

The following content about How long can Betta fish live without food has decorated keeping the novice people in mind. If you don’t know even a bit about it, it will help you to feed.

If you are going on vacation, leaving the betta fish alone can be possible with some tactics and planning. Although this is highly recommended, someone should be there to feed them. If not, then arrange an automatic feeder at least.

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