How To Take Care Of Betta Fish While On Vacation?

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While going on vacation, we tend to plan out what we need to do before leaving the house, the bags we need to pack and of course make our travel plans. We put in check the time we take off of our work and plan to enjoy every moment of traveling. But we also get worried about how our Betta fish would survive while we are away. Something to forget about the water pet can cause the death of the betta. So in this article, we have discussed how to take care of your Betta fish while you’re on vacation.

Even though there are lots of articles online right now that focus on taking care of your Betta fish and how we can make the fish survive without food, what lots of people are forgetting is the fact that being healthy is quite different from surviving. While your Betta can go on for days without food, the chances of being infected with fatal diseases and infections are extremely high.

So, if you need an article that would explain in details what you can do to ensure that your better survive, live happily and stay healthy while you are away, you need not worry. We will be treating that in the next section below.

How To Feed Betta Fish While On Vacation

When it comes to feeding your Betta, you need to consider the length of time you will be away from your fish. There are lots of options that ensure that your fish is well fed while you are away.

1. Food blocks.

The food block option is a great one if you intend to be away for a few days, there are lots of varieties available out there at affordable prices. Some food blocks are known to last up to 2 weeks but aren’t highly recommended for Betta fish as they are only designed for large tanks with lots of fish. This is to avoid overfeeding. But if you’re going to be away for some days, then it’s worth trying.

If you are going to buy food blocks, I’ll recommend Penn-Plax Food Blocks from Amazon!

2. Automatic feeders.

Just as the name suggests, automatic feeders will enable you to feed your fish while you are away. This option doesn’t require your presence. There are lots of products out there and they will help dispense dried food sequentially during the day. There are other products too that lets you choose how often you want your betta fed. Yours could be thrice a day with a 4-hour interval.

This option is great if you will be away for up to two weeks, as long as you will be away for more than a week. the product continues to dispense food until the supply runs out. One of the skepticisms is around choosing an automatic feeder is that dispenses food way too much, resulting in your Betta fish being overfed. It could also result in a build-up of ammonia in the fish tank leaving your Betta fish susceptible to different infections. One of the problems that come with the automatic feeder is that if it fails to dispense food while you are away, your Betta fish could starve to death. This isn’t good scenarios, but it’s a good option to try.

I have been using Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit for the last 2 years and it really serves the purpose. You can buy this on Amazon from here.

3. Asking A friend/Neighbour/Family Friend.

This is one of the few best options to try out if you want your Betta fish to eat while you are on vacation. You can get someone to help feed your Betta fish daily. This will not only help your fish, but it will also save you a whole lot of stress.

This is always effective if your instructions are well followed. While they are feeding your Betta fish, they can also help you make sure that everything is ok with your fish. If peradventure you will be away for a long time, and they are willing to take care of your Betta fish, they can also help you deal with the water management.

Adjust as it is effective, it has its own drawbacks too. Some of the problems that come with letting others feed your Betta fish include overfeeding and not also feeding him well enough. Reiteratively, when your Betta fish is overfed, the water will definitely be polluted, and as a result leading to an ammonia spike.

One of the effective ways of dealing with this problem is getting products that let you ration out his food while you are away. If you don’t want to use any of these products, then make sure they know how important it is to avoid overfeeding. However, it remains one of the reliable options for Betta fish care while on vacation.

4. Starve him

Of course, this option may sound cruel, but it remains one of the options to consider when it comes to taking care of your Betta fish while on vacation. If you will only be gone for 4 days or less when you need not worry about your Betta fish being starved. After all, they can survive 14 days without food. However, your Betta fish should not be starved for more than 3 days. If you starve your Betta fish for more than 3 days, it’s body automatically switches to starvation mode, once in that mode, your Betta fish will be stressed out. This form of stress results in susceptibility to different illnesses, infections, and diseases.

How To Take Care of Betta Fish Tank While On Vacation

Next to feeding your Betta fish is taking care of his tank. There are three main things to consider when it comes to taking care of the Betta tank while you are away.

Tank Size.

One of the factors to consider when it comes to tank management is the size of the tank itself. Aside from purchasing a filter, you can always go for a bigger tank. This is always a better alternative if getting a filter is not on the menu. With a larger tank comes a large volume of water. When the water volume in a tank is high it also reduces the rate at which toxins buildup in that tank. This also cuts down the risk of evaporation and overfeeding your Betta fish.


If you would rather go for a filter, then you will be making the right investment. Most small tanks do not come with filters. This makes purchasing a filter a necessity. With filters, the sediments are removed automatically. This keeps the tank cleaner always. Filters also help to remove excess food in order to prevent ammonia build-up which could cause the water to become toxic. Most small filters come at an affordable price, so getting one shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re going to be away for more than 2 weeks, then getting a powerful filter system will be the best thing to do.

Water Management.

Evaporation is the main course of water reduction in tanks. It commonly happens and small tanks. There are lots of automatic water top-up solutions to invest in. Some of which requires a pump as well as a sensor. All those are gravity-fed, as the water in the tank drugs the extra water at the base pushes its way into the tank slowly making sure it stays filled all the time. No matter the option they decide to go with, you’ll still need to do a perfect setup and test the systems to ensure that they work perfectly before embarking on your journey.

Leave Your Betta Fish In A Pet Shop.

Considering Betta fish care while on vacation includes leaving him in a pet store. This option isn’t common anymore, but it’s worth trying. There are pet stores that allow you to leave your fish with them for some weeks if you’re going on vacation. Remember, this is not a free service. The main benefit of this is that it lets you keep your Betta fish in good hands. However, just as it has its own pros, there are lots of cons that need to be talked about. One of the scenes includes the fact that most pet stores and tanks that are connected. This means that if there is a disease in one of these tanks when your Betta is not safe.


As you can see there are lots of options to try when it comes to taking care of your Betta fish while on vacation. This is a complete guide that lets you have full knowledge as it pertains to Betta fish care while on vacation. If you’ve got questions or you enjoyed this article, leave a comment in the section below. We would love to hear your thoughts on this issue as it concerns Betta fish care when on vacation. Just remember, whatever options you choose while you are on holiday, you should always find a way to make sure that your Betta fish health is not threatened in any way. Also, water management is very important. Cheers!

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