How Long Do Neon Tetras Live (Lifespan of Neon Tetra)

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The Neon fish or Neon Tetra is one of the most attractive fish of a large number of tropical fish that exist in the aquarium hobby. You could say that the Neon fish is a classic that never fails in freshwater aquariums.

Despite this, Neon Tetra has been acquiring a bad reputation in recent years due to the difficulty of keeping them alive in our aquarium. Because, despite having the ideal conditions for the maintenance of this species, many commercial lines have a great weakness and sensitivity. Due to the different reproduction methods used to cover the unique world demand for aquarists around the world, they get different lifespans.

So, if you are planning to get a pet Neon Tetra and wondering how long do Neon Tetras live (lifespan of Neon Tetra), then follow our article where we try to answer that question and more.


Characteristics of The Neon Tetra

The Neon fish or Neon Tetra is a warm and sweet water fish of the characid family. They are related to the famous piranhas, and the also known cardinal Tetra or cardinal Neon. Not to be confused with the Chinese Neon fish, which is from the cyprinid family, and is a cold-water Neon fish.

It is a fish that is not too easy to reproduce in the aquarium, although not impossible.

Nowadays, it is a prevalent fish since professionals have managed to overcome the problem of reproduction in captivity. Many of these fish are produced, significantly reducing the price of Neon fish.

At its price, we must add something evident, and that aquarium lovers appreciate it. It is a fish that adapts well to living with other species. It is not very demanding in the quality of the water, and it is very resistant, which makes a variety of fish suitable for anyone who wants to start in the world of aquariums.


How long do Neon Tetras live (lifespan of Neon Tetra)?

When Neon Tetras are kept in fish tanks, not aquariums, the maximum that professionals say can last is ten years. This is because the fish do not last much longer due to the stress they live in. Others say that if they are well cared for, they can last for many years and accompany you in your life.

The truth is that the fish we buy is usually small in age (about two months old), so they will last us at least a couple of years if we take good care of them.

Experts say that Neon Tetra, with a good constitution and well cared for, can live for 10-15 years in aquariums (not in fish tanks). They can even extend that age for longer, exceeding of a dog. But, as I say, it has to be a very well-kept aquarium where nothing is missing.

A “guideline rule” tells us that the larger the average size of a species, the greater longevity it has. Although you have to take it into account for your aquarium, not, you will want a fish that is too big because it can eat other fish.


Reasons Why Neon Tetras Tend to Die

One of the reasons Neon fish die maybe some disease or health problem that you already had before buying it. The truth is that these animals are very sensitive. It is easy for them to end up suffering from a stress-related illness.

As usual, once we have chosen the fish that will occupy the aquarium, they are placed in a plastic bag or a similar container. This process is one of the most delicate for fish. Neon Tetra is a sensitive animal that suffers from stress quickly.

If you have much fish in an aquarium, try to separate them into different buckets or bowls. They are often hitting each other because of the fear of the situation, which causes them substantial stress.

Another possible answer to “why do Neon Tetras die in my aquarium” is improper cleaning of the fish tank. Both cold water and warm water fish must coexist in a clean space. So, we must periodically perform this task.

Before filling a bucket in which to pour the fish, check that it does not have soap residue or that many bubbles form. Even if you do the mixture well, the soap remains will kill them.

You cannot use household cleaning products to clean the decorative objects in the tank or the interior of it. You have to use exclusive products that, above all, do not leave a soapy trace.

Water is for fish what air is for us. Without optimal water, with the right characteristics, it will most likely end up becoming another reason why the Neon fish in your aquarium die.

Again, we have to remember that Neon Tetras are very sensitive and can die overnight if we are not careful. If we pay attention not to perform tasks that stress our fish, we will prevent them from contracting diseases.

  • Do not hit the glass of the fish tank to make them move.
  • Do not take photos of the fish tank with a flash, as it could harm the health of these animals.

If you pay attention, they are little cares that do not require great efforts. But we must keep them in mind because they can also be carried out frequently.


How to Keep A Neon Fish Healthy and Alive for Longer Time?

Below we show you the primary care of Neon fish so that you can have the necessary information to enjoy and keep your Tetra fish to the maximum.

  • Neon Fish Water Parameters

Neon Tetra is a fish with acidic and soft waters that will be perfectly found in the following parameters:

  • Ph: less than 7
  • Temperature: 21 ° c – 26 ° c
  • Water hardness: 1 ° to 10 °

Acid and hard water, that is, the opposite of what is recommended will trigger severe problems in Neon fish. It causes intestinal problems and decreases defenses, so they would be much more likely to get sick.

Furthermore, they are very sensitive to nitrogenous compounds, so the biological filtration and maintenance of the aquarium must be very efficient.

  • Neon Tetra Food

They willingly accept all kinds of commercial foods, whether flaked, small granules, or frozen. It is vital to provide a varied diet in which live, or frozen food is always present.

We must also provide food with a vegetable source to avoid possible intestinal diseases, mainly obstruction.

  • Neon Fish Aquarium

It is very usual to see small fish in small aquariums, it sounds a bit obvious, right? Well, this leads to a widespread mistake. Small fish look much better in large aquariums where the Neon school can enjoy a pleasant and continuous swim among a vast forest of plants.

Neon fish need an aquarium of more than 60 liters, as it is the minimum size in which we can introduce a dozen Neons to live in a small school.

Also, the presence of plants is highly recommended for breeding.

  • Acclimatization and Maintenance

The two keys to enjoying a healthy and active Neon fish:

  • Remember that there should be at least 6-8 or more Neon Tetras to your aquarium, which must be mature and fully cycled.
  • Spending a little more time during the acclimatization process will prevent our fish from becoming overly stressed. This will help to better adapt to their new home.

Along with this, it is essential to keep up to date with water changes to prevent nitrate levels from rising too high.

  • Neon Tetra Fish Tab

Therefore, with correct acclimatization, we should have no more significant problems in keeping a beautiful school of Neon Tetras in perfect condition. Also, a constant routine of cleaning and changes of water will improve their health as well.

  • Neon Fish Compatibility

As you may have observed so far, on various occasions, we refer to the importance of keeping Neons in a group. And if they are not, they will not be active. And you will not be able to enjoy their elegant colors and behavior. They can also be unprotected and, therefore, aggressive.

If we refer to its behavior with other species, it hardly presents any incompatibilities. That is, we should only avoid the presence of large fish that can feed on our Neons.

Add all the fish that we introduce into our aquarium must require the same type of water parameters. It will help to guarantee that they are all in their ideal setting.

Furthermore, they are very sensitive to nitrogenous compounds, so the biological filtration and maintenance of the aquarium must be very efficient.


Final Verdict

Now you know how long do Neon Tetras live and why they die. Next, all you need to do is apply the necessary care and enjoy the presence of these living things in your home. So, you are planning on getting some Neon Tetra, go ahead!

We hope that you liked our article and that it has helped you to solve any small doubts you may have.

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