What is the Best Tank Size for Betta Fish?

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If you are here to know the best tank size for betta fish, then you are in the right place. We will discuss everything related to the topic “What is the best tank size for betta fish” So let’s get started!

Fishes are very attractive and easy to care for. It’s really cool to have an aquarium with some beautiful fishes for your home or office. One of these beautiful fishes is our very sweet domestic fish “Betta”.

It’s always a source of joy and pleasure watching the Betta swimming in the waters of an aquarium tank. Betta fish provides you a relaxing feel and mesmerizing sensation whenever you see it.

So how will you thank them back? It’s simple. Just give them the best possible environment to live and survive as you would like for yourself too. To make your Betta happy, you need a proper size of the tank along with other factors to consider when setting up a house for Betta fish. I will discuss all of them here shortly.

What is the Minimum Tank Size for Betta Fish?

Every species has the right to choose its own home where it lives happily. Betta fish also need a proper space where they can roam unworried and untroubled.

You may have listened to a very old maxim that the Betta fish can survive even in a small cup. But the question is “Will they be happy in a small cup?” NO, they won’t of course.

Best Tank Size For Betta Fish (Recommended)

Let’s jump to the very basic and important question without wasting any of your time. What is the ideal Betta tank size?

You will find 2.5 gallons recommended by most of the aquarium experts. But to be very honest, the Betta fish minimum tank size should be around 5 gallons because the bigger the tank is, the better it is. (We’ll discuss it further later in this article)

Why Prefer Big Tank Over Small Tank Sizes?

Talking about domestic fish, most of them like to swim and exercise all over the aquarium. So if there is a smaller space for them, it would certainly make them less happy than being in a big wide tank space. Let’s take a look at some reasons to choose the big fish tank size.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

It would be a headache to eliminate toxins and ammonia from the aquarium’s environment. Because in a smaller tank, toxins and ammonia levels increase more rapidly as compared to the big fish tanks. As you may know, Ammonia is highly poisonous for Betta and most of the fish and if the ammonia level pertains to be high for a long time, the fish may die.

Therefore, it is understandable that a small tank size would require more frequent water changing cycles than a big tank. It is mandatory to change the water of the small tank at least once a week. You may delay changing the water in a big fish tank.

Incorporate More Fish with Betta

Betta would love to have more mates to play within their aquarium. If you own a larger aquarium tank, you can incorporate more fish numbers together to make them happier. (Nobody wants to live alone, Right?)

In a small tank of around 2 or 2.5 gallons, having few more fish would look as if the tank is overstocked and it would not look beautiful being overstuffed of the fish too much.

Most importantly, the fish would have less room in small tanks to swim and wander here and there. But in big tanks, it would allow them to play with their other mates and enjoy the presence of them in a delightful environment giving them a feeling as if they are in a river or a pond.

Although, if you are not fond of having different fish together in a single aquarium home, you are free to disagree with the idea of buying a very big aquarium for this purpose.

Here you can see what fish can live with Bettas

Fewer Temperature Fluctuations

Small tank owners face another notable problem which is temperature fluctuation in the water of the tank. There is a bit of science behind it. As the large body has greater heat absorptivity as compared to the smaller ones, it is difficult to change the temperature of the larger body because it can absorb most of the energy without changing its temperature.

The same theory applies to a big fish tank. If you own a large tank, the sudden drop or increase in the surrounding temperature will not affect the water of the tank drastically. The aquarium temperature will change gradually and slowly in an hour or so depending on the temperature gradient increment or decrement.

But having a small fish tank size won’t be a good choice as the temperature of the water will change very fast.

Well, you might be thinking why are we so concerned about the sudden change of temperature in aquariums? Here is the reason for that, the Betta fish won’t feel the effect of sudden temperature change in big size tank to be stable rather than being in a small tank making it uncomfortable because of the environment temperatures.

No Aggressiveness from Betta Fish

Would you like your Betta fish to be aggressive and antagonistic to other fish? Of course not (Unless you want them trained to take part in some fish fight which surely you won’t).

So consider buying a larger tank for your Betta and other fishes. Betta is a friendly fish but at the same time, it also loves to have a specific space to itself and understands it to be its territory. It will not like any other fish to come in it and capture.

Maintaining a friendly aqua environment is very important for fish growth and nourishment and most importantly for their happiness (which is why you have them, right?). Aggressive Betta fish will not only be a problem for other fish and you but it will also affect them too. The number of enemies they have in the aquarium is inversely proportional to their growth and happiness.

What is the Maximum Betta Tank Size for Betta Fish?

It is the easiest and difficult question to answer at the same time. Let us tell you why.

Let’s consider yourself looking for a house for yourself. Would you mind a bigger house for you? (If the price is the same for all of course) You would love to have the biggest possible house for yourself to feel the royal and luxurious experience.

Same is the case with Betta fish, the bigger the tank, the better it will be for Betta. So there is no limit of maximum tank size for them. Betta fish would be healthy and contented as long as they get enough space to exercise in the water.

What Should Be the Ideal Betta Tank Shape?

Fish tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes like traditional rectangular cubic aquariums, bow front tanks, Zen tanks, advanced biological tanks and much more. But the truth is that the tank shape does not affect the Betta fish in any way. As long as you are providing it the optimal space to grow and swim, it will be happy and cheerful.

The tank shape, in this case, is a factor that is more concerned for you than the Betta so choose whatever shape you would like to have. (Bowl-Shaped Aquariums are not recommended for Betta, Read the reason below)

Why Betta Bowls Are Bad For Your Betta Fish

You already know that Betta can survive in small tanks but they are not the ideal house for them. The following are the reasons due to which Bowl Aquariums are bad for your Betta fish.

No Equipment Space

Betta Fish aquariums require important equipment for them to survive and be healthy just like any other fish. If there is no room for heater, thermometer, or filter, what’s the purpose of just having a bowl of water?

No Proper Cyclicity

Even if you manage to install a filter somehow, do you think it will function properly in a small bowl? Every filter requires a proper and stable cycle for its full functionality. The water quality becomes toxic which causes regular diseases to your fish and eventually death if no safety measures are taken for them.

No Activity Space for Betta

As mentioned above, No fish can survive for a very long time in a small space without any activity and exercise. No space for Betta fish will cause obesity in them and liver diseases which is one of the most common causes of Betta Fish deaths.

How to Choose the Best Betta Fish Tank Type?

Well, at this point you must be pretty clear about the tank sizes what the optimal environment for Betta fish is. Let’s take a look at what tank type is the best for Betta fish based on a few important factors that are as follows.

Optimal Tank Size

The first Betta fish tank requirement is its tank size. We have already discussed it thoroughly. Tank size is the most basic thing to consider for your Betta so do not hesitate to spend some more bucks for your Betta fish. After all, they are your friends. 🙂


Just like you want your house to be embellished with several decoratives, Betta also likes to be in such an environment that is full of plants and leaves. So it would make them feel comfortable if you add some softcover to their tank.

Filtration and Water Changing

The tank must be capable to handle all the filtration equipment. It should also have an ability to support easy water changing as the toxin levels surpass the allowed limit after a few weeks in the aquarium. So the water changing technique in it should be as easy as possible.

Other Notable Equipment for Betta Fish Tank

It would be an extraordinary fish tank if it has these features too along with the basic ones.

  • Heater
  • Thermometer
  • Light
  • Gravel
  • Small Plants (Either Live or Plastic)

Some Best Tanks for Betta Fish

Here are some suggested Betta tanks for you to choose initially if you are still unsure about how to choose the most suitable one.

The Marineland Portrait Kit

It is the most perfect kit that you can have as a beginner if you have no idea what to start as a good aquarium. It has the best tank size of 5 gallons (as mentioned above). If you are a Betta lover, you won’t forget its unique and innovative design just seeing once. It has a tall tank standing elegantly on a smooth plastic square base.

It has a daylight and nightlight (blue light) LED settings which give it a little edge over another ordinary aquarium for small fish.

A plastic compartment is hidden at the back of the aquarium which contains a pump and filter for the tank water to maintain the beauty of the tank to the maximum extent. The filtration system is 3-staged for better filtration efficiency.

So we would highly recommend this simple and tall standing aquarium. You do not have to look any further after getting this all in one packaged aquarium for Betta fish.

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The Fluval Chi Aquarium

As it follows the recommended size for Betta fish, this tank has an optimal tank size that is 5 gallons. Your Betta will live a healthy and happy life in this beautiful crystal clear aquarium. It has a special fish garden (grass-like) at the bottom of the tank. It does also have a waterfall-like filter at the top of the tank. Therefore, it serves the purpose of home decoration too.

17 powerful LED lights make this aquarium glow like sunshine. This Fluval Aquarium has stunning looks that are just perfect for any home, office, or restaurant space. The product also comes with an instruction manual to provide you complete help about how to set it up. What else would you require in an affordable Betta fish aquarium?

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So I hope you have learned much about the best Betta tank size and will be able to buy a perfect aquarium for your Betta friends. Just give them a bigger space to survive and roam and remember that no tank is too big for your Bettas. All you need to care about is to give them a healthy and cheerful environment.

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